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  1. ZMan

    89 Ranger, interchangeable parts?, misc ?'s

    tail lights believe it or not, do not directly interchange between the 83-88 and 89-92. The reverse bulb socket is different, iirc, it's been over a decade since I've messed with it, I just changed the whole harness out in my 92 since the aftermarket taillights I have are made for a 83-88. The...
  2. ZMan

    Weather Proof Cover?

    www.covers4cars.com is where I got my cover. I got the midgrade one, it's not fully weatherproof according to them, but I stored it outside for 6 months once and the truck was dry the whole time. They do sell a completely weatherproof one. They fit perfect!
  3. ZMan

    Rear Window Sizes Through the Generations

    98+ is when the standard cab changed to the big bolt in window. 93-97 standard cabs are still the old small window.
  4. ZMan

    96 Ranger windshield replacement

    Every ranger windshield I've bought, the gasket came with it, but was not already on the glass, and yes the glass will need removed to install it. Not sure if hes lying, it very well could have been installed on the glass already, BUT, you can replace it. And any professional glass guy can...
  5. ZMan

    RIP Ken Block

    The difference between my 1985 Polaris and my 2001 Arctic Cat is night and day. The difference between my 2001 Arctic Cat and my buddies 2013 Arctic Cat is also night and day. The 2013 stops, steers, and accelerates vastly better. The 2013 is the newest one I've ridden but I have to imagine...
  6. ZMan

    Where does one get a new door jamb sticker?

    Ford Dealer if you're lucky to get a parts guy that knows whats he's doing. There are other places to have reproductions made but they require a photo of the original.
  7. ZMan

    What did you pull this summer?

    All the junkyards around me haven't had any 83-92 Rangers in quite some time, so I don't look too much at Rangers. I haven't even been to pull-a-part in a couple years, but I do need to go and pull a set of seats for a customer project.
  8. ZMan

    Flying for the first time since 2018

    We flew Cleveland to Portland back in June with our 2 kids and had zero problems. We flew Delta.
  9. ZMan

    Any major updates in the 89 facelift?

    in a nutshell, 89-92 has more in common with the 93-94 than 83-88. I could do a lot of explaining, but there is a lot more different than just the front sheet metal, I mean the doors aren't even the same.
  10. ZMan

    I ordered 3 Ford Mavericks….

    They didn't keep the hybrid orders open long enough for me to get off my ass, now they say you won't be able to order any until the 2024 model. I bet they raise the prices. 😭
  11. ZMan

    Where do you go for general car accessories?

    I'll browse autozone now and then, but for the most part if I'm looking for something specific i go straight to eBay, or Google it and see what comes up.
  12. ZMan

    Rock Auto

    Off of an SVT Focus to be exact.
  13. ZMan

    Rock Auto

    The only real way to restore a headlight that's worth doing is sanding it down and spraying clearcoat on it.. everything else is just temporary.
  14. ZMan

    Rock Auto

    Since I quit working next to an autozone 5 years ago (and getting a great hookup), I buy 99% of my parts from rockauto. Last year I ordered a clutch for my wifes subaru. It was supposed to have a throwout repair kit included. Part number on the box was correct, clutch and pressure plate were...
  15. ZMan


    I ran unleaded88 (e15) in my f150 for a few tanks when Sheetz was running the 3.99 promotion earlier in the summer. With the mileage loss it was marginally more cost effective, only because it was $0.80 cheaper. With the normal price of only $0.30 cheaper it's not worth it.
  16. ZMan


    An old coworker of mine converted his '68 Roadrunner race car to E85 11 or 12 years ago, from race gas. He already had a plastic fuel cell, he just bought a new carb set up for it on Ebay.
  17. ZMan

    grounds for divorce

    Those sleds put themselves back lol
  18. ZMan

    I'm trying to rebuild my thread..."Just Plain Stupied"......

    Wow welcome back! We were wondering what happened!
  19. ZMan

    Had some tragedy

    Sorry for your loss, no parent should have to go through that.
  20. ZMan

    Looking for opinions on the value of this 1996 Mustang Cobra

    The clutch slipped before he put the 3.73 gears in it, now it's not so bad. You can smell it if you're stopping and going a bunch, but I've hammered on it and it hasn't slipped for me. The pedal is all the way at the top of the travel and it's very heavy, but still driveable. The rearend makes...

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