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  1. RangerNielsen

    94 3.0 to 4.0

    '94 3.0 to 4.0 (possibly a '00 engine) I know I'm beating a dead horse on this but I'm reading different things. Do the motor mounts need to be changed? The transfer case from the 3.0 should work, right? It's a manual shift t case and I want to keep it that way. I'll only need the engine...
  2. RangerNielsen

    91 model engine in a 94

    Well fellers, after 2 years, I have finally found another obd1 3.0:yahoo: However, I do have a few concerns. The alterBator on the new engine is bad, mine is good, can I bolt mine on and call it a day? The 91 and 94 have themy in the same place. Next, the 91 is a v-belt setup, is it easy enough...
  3. RangerNielsen

    Best gears for a 3.SLOW

    Alright, I have a 94 ranger with the 3pointblow, and it is now sitting on 33x13.50s. With the 32s, it was pretty gutless (still beat Hondas though :icon_rofl:), and I'm imagining the 1 more inch of tire height is going to be hell. What would be the best gears to put in it, and still be daily...
  4. RangerNielsen

    Good Evening

    Well, I have yet to introduce myself for I haven't done this yet, but I have been here a while now. I'm in Issaquah, Washington. A little bit about my truck. No lift sitting on 33x13.50r15. m5od, manual transfer case. Dana 35, manual hub swapped. Not enough gearing for the tires (stock, 3.73)...
  5. RangerNielsen

    Lockout Hubs on Rear Axle

    Would it be possible to put lock out hubs on the rear axle? I am not saying I am going to but I am just wondering.
  6. RangerNielsen

    '88 FM146 Clutch Line being dumb

    So a while ago I was having transmission problems in my '88 ranger so I pulled the transmission. I got the transmission repaired put all back together, and everything was fine. At the time, I still had factory sized front tires on the truck, rears were 32". I drove the truck fine for about a...
  7. RangerNielsen

    Regearing Speedo for Larger Tires

    What tooth speedometer gear do I need to swap in my '94 Ranger XLT, I have 3.73 gears and 32" tires. I believe factory tire size was 235/75r15. Thanks in advance!
  8. RangerNielsen

    New engine, new exhaust, couple questions.

    I'll be putting a new used engine in my ranger, and the old exhaust, or lack there of, is getting replaced from headers to tailpipe. So my questions are, Where is the best place to get headers and a good cat set up? What's a good muffler to run? Would there be issues with running headers...
  9. RangerNielsen

    1996 Ford Taurus Engine in a 1994 Ford Ranger

    Here's the deal, My 1994 Ranger 3.0 blew a head gasket. I am not going to go in to a lot of detail about that, for the engine needs extensive work. I plan to swap in a used 3.0 for now while I rebuild my current 3.0 and swap back. After searching for a while, I found a 1996 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6...
  10. RangerNielsen

    Rebuild VS Bigger Engine

    Alright, hell struck. The engine in my '94 blew the head gaskets. How hard would it be to pull the engine with the transmission (manual) and tcase (also manual) out with it? I have pulled the trans/transfer case in my '88 before, so I know what needs to be done for that. Hopefully I remember...
  11. RangerNielsen

    Random Manual/auto hub "merge" question

    Is it possible to take the spanner nut and lock key thingy for an automatic hub and put it on a spindle with a manual lock out hub on it? Obviously there would not be the auto hub locking assembly in it. I ask because it is kind of a pain in the rear with the manual hub's 2 spanner nuts and lock...
  12. RangerNielsen

    94 3.slow drinks oil

    Alright, so the truck has been on a back burner due to finances and the wheel bearings. I pulled the spark plugs and the cylinder on the drivers bank, middle cylinder had oil practically dripping off it. (see image). as stated above, the truck had a single cat and 4 foot long, 3" diameter pipe...
  13. RangerNielsen

    Manual hubs vs Auto hubs

    I got in a debate with my dads mechanic friend with hubs. He prefers auto and told me I should put auto back on my truck, rather than manual. So my question is, which do you prefer and why?
  14. RangerNielsen

    D28 Knocks and pops

    Here is a picture of my passenger side axle. My picture for the drivers side isnt uploading.
  15. RangerNielsen

    D28 Knocks and pops

    alright, so here are pictures of what I pulled off my driver side, and my drivers side spindle. That ring was on the c clip spot, but was bent. That other "thingy" was around my ABS sensor, and my passenger side did not have it.
  16. RangerNielsen

    D28 Knocks and pops

    shit... The rotor had races in it, so I figured all was well... guess not. time for another $80 for bearings... (these ones only have ~200 miles on them... I have checked the tab on the washer before assembling, and it does not appear to be able to pop out of the groove, so I figured all was...
  17. RangerNielsen

    D28 Knocks and pops

    And heres the driver side. The bottom picture is the passenger side axle... I'll let you tell me what you see wrong with it... And this side has a C-clip, kinda. replacing it.
  18. RangerNielsen

    D28 Knocks and pops

    Here's pictures of the passenger side hub. Not sure why my phone decided to make the one of the axle black, but its barely out of the spindle... See the picture lower down for details. Notice the dimensions of the hub. The passenger has no c clip in it. i think... Ill discover that when I pull...
  19. RangerNielsen

    D28 Knocks and pops

    heres some better pictures of the front passenger wheel bearings.
  20. RangerNielsen

    D28 Knocks and pops

    Well, this is the only picture thats uploading. notice the camber on the passenger tire. it worse now. got the truck towed home and it got worse just driving off the trailer.

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