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  1. Jordan94

    1998 Ford Escort Tranny problems

    I have a Ford Escort and about after 20 mins the tranny feels like its slipping, if i put it in DL (drive low) it will run a little better but if not it barely moves.... any suggestions thanks
  2. Jordan94

    4x4 isnt working?

    I did a recent motor swap and my 4x4 isn't working, it worked before I put a new motor in and now with the new one in and running i hit the 4x4 button and i got nothing happening pls help lol buddy's are chirping me cause i cant go offroading with them lol
  3. Jordan94

    Installing a High Flow Cat

    At Canadian Tire they have a Magnaflow high flow cat I"m interested in but if you look just after the y pipe its got a flange and its oval not circular, anyone here install a high flow that can tell me how to turn it from oval to circular so I can install mine thanks
  4. Jordan94

    Bleeding My 94 Mazda B3000 Clutch

    Hey I wondering if there is a trick to this because I cannot seem to get a hard pedal, Iv had a guy in the truck pumping and me under with a 8 mm wrench opening it when ever I tell him to hold the pedal down, close it tell him to pump and repeat. I get a good squirt of fluid out of the nipple...
  5. Jordan94

    1991 F150 4x4 Ball Joint Removal?

    Looks like a PITA to me, solid front axle, 4x4 any tips walk thros? and should I pick up a ball joint press? Thanks
  6. Jordan94

    Question on K and N cold air intake

    I see that they only make them for up to 1998 and up. Why is it that they wont make one for my 94? anyone know y? looks to me it would fit no prob
  7. Jordan94

    4WD vs 2WD motor swap

    I have a 3.0 V6 motor out of my 94 4x4 truck but the wiring harness is tad bit different from what I believe was a 2WD automatic motor that I'm putting in, Iv switched them up and put original harness on the 2WD drive motor so when it goes in the hook ups are where there suppose to be. I noticed...
  8. Jordan94

    PaceSetter Headers Question

    My motor is outta my truck and I'm looking for a cheaper set of headers for my engine. I have looked at jegs.com and found these Pacesetter headers but they only list it for the 4.0 trucks and not the 3.0. What is the difference between the two will the 4.0 one fit or will it be to big? Thanks
  9. Jordan94

    Were to get some off set rims

    Today at work I had seen this truck come in and the tires and rims were sticking out of the truck quite a lot and i thought it looked really neat, There obvious off set rims but now id like a pair lol. Anyone know what size and dimensions I should be looking for i'm curious to find a set for a...
  10. Jordan94

    Rear Passenger Side Cab Mount

    Mine is pootched ... I priced one out from a dealer 200 bucks just for the bracket its self. Anyone change theres before if so how long and say difficult was it, I have access to my auto shop every day at school for about 2 hours.
  11. Jordan94

    CamCraft cams question

    I'm looking at the 3.0L cams on Camcraft cams web site and wondering what cam to run on my motor there seems to be a list of different part numbers which cam should be run on the 3.0L?? 3.0L V6 1.6 rocker ratio (except roller cam) Cam and lifter kit $245.00 + shipping All...
  12. Jordan94

    looking for motor

    Im looking for a motor for my mazda b3000 its a manual and wondering if i should get the same year (94) motor as well as if any ford ranger motors will fit
  13. Jordan94

    Nothing about Problems ....

    Well as some may now I had recently sent my Mazda B3000 4x4 SE into the local Ford Dealer to get this Knocking/Ticking noise fixed, I was told this was caused by two lifters failed on the driver side and I guess they noticed my throttle linkage was turning to dust and rusting right through so...

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