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  1. thoughtcriminal

    Heating coil springs to lower front end?

    please tell me your joking. Spring steel is specially tempered to be, for lack of a better word, "springy". If you heat the springs, it will lose that temper and springyness. Doing so will be extremely dangerous. The springs will become weak and be much more likely to break or give out, which...
  2. thoughtcriminal

    Leaf springs for 4-6 inches of lift.

    I am soon going to a u pull it junkyard looking for a headlight to replace my broken one. I figure while I am there I might pick up some leaf springs for my rear. My plan is to remove the 2 inch blocks and flip the shackles. this is gonna lower me about 4-4.5 inches from my math (thanks to...
  3. thoughtcriminal

    Flipped leaf spring shackles?

    in doing some more reading, I came across an article that mentions flipping the leaf spring mounting shackles. It claims that by doing this, and running long springs, 20 inches of travel can be achieved. anyone here done it and can comment? If you could perhaps take a picture so I can get a...
  4. thoughtcriminal

    The quest for horsepower. Which way to go?

    Well, the way I see it, with 187k on an engine that has not been babied, my truck is going to need a new engine sometime in the next few years (maybe months) So, with that in mind its time to start researching the swap so when I get to it, I will know what options I have. The truck being set...
  5. thoughtcriminal

    torx bolts. seatbelts and bed what size?

    anyone know what size torx heads I need to take the bed and seatbelts out of a 94 and a 98? I know I've seen the what size the bed ones are, but cant find it to confirm
  6. thoughtcriminal

    Article on axles some might find useful

    came across this looking for info on what to put under my truck. It might be helpful to some others, thought I'd share, it was certainly helpful to me http://www.fourwheeler.com/techarticles/drivetrain/129_0501_4x4_truck_axle_tech/index.html edit: fixed the link
  7. thoughtcriminal

    what axles won't I shred?

    well, my mazda project is just beginning. I know sooner or later I will have to switch the axles out. When I get it done, I hope to have an engine pushing out around 400 hp rolling 38 inch max tires (probably 35s most of the time) I want to keep the TTB. yes, I know a lot of you hate it, I...
  8. thoughtcriminal

    collision detection toggle switch?

    Would it be possible to set up all the collision detection equipment on my mazda (airbags, fuel pump cutoff,etc) on a toggle switch. I don't want my airbags going off when I am running around offroad
  9. thoughtcriminal


    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cars-Trucks___Custom-Ranger-Monster-Mud-Truck-Rock-Crawler_W0QQitemZ140250680603QQddnZCarsQ20Q26Q20TrucksQQddiZ2282QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item140250680603 44 inch tires on a d44 and 9 inch. stock engine and transmission. thats just asking for trouble :idiot: edit...
  10. thoughtcriminal

    Home made TTB drop bracket blueprints?

    Anyone made their own drop brackets and still have the plans around? I am looking at somewhere between 3 and 6 inches of lift, but any plans would be helpful as I can modify them to fit my application. thanks in advance TC
  11. thoughtcriminal

    what junkyard coils will go into a TTB ranger?

    I know f150 coils will (with some modification) However, after a long discussion with JohnnyU (thanks for all your help) in my build thread, I have come to the conclusion that they are a bit too stiff to work for what I want. I am looking for somewhere between 3-5 inches of lift after springs...
  12. thoughtcriminal

    nitrogen vs hydraulic shocks. opinions?

    Looking at shocks for my ranger when I lift it. Looking at skyjacker shocks because of the decent price and lifetime warranty. Wondering what the pros and cons are of nitrogen and hydraulic. which would be better at higher speeds? If its just a price thing, I will gladly go for the nitros ($5...
  13. thoughtcriminal

    Building my truck. Would like some help/comments.

    well, this weekend I get my baby (and a parts truck with it) She is a 1994 B4000 4x4. There are 187k miles on it, but it runs glass smooth. The manual transmission was just rebuilt. Here is what I plan on Short term (this summer) change interior and bed (torn/dirty and rusted, respectively)...
  14. thoughtcriminal

    Liquid hydrogen injection?

    No, not that HHO bullshit. I'm talking pure bottled hydrogen as a fuel. Anyone tried it? I've been screwing around with the idea for a while, actually keeping my eyes open for any junk motors (mostly lawn mower) to try it out on. post your thoughts
  15. thoughtcriminal

    3.0 vulcan into a manual b4000?

    am considering buying a 1994 mazda b4000 with the manual Mazda M5OD-R1 transmission in it. The same person has a wrecked ranger with a 3.0 vulcan V6 in it. What will be involved in putting the 3.0 into the b4000? (I plan on probably running the 4.0 into the ground first or using it as a guinea...
  16. thoughtcriminal

    My First Truck

    First off, hello all. I came across this site while researching the 4.0 cologne engine and after looking around for a bit, was quite pleased with the info and community and decided to join. Anyway, I am currently looking to buy my first truck. After much research I have cleared the field of all...

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