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  1. ranger toad

    I have a 94 that we plan to use as a towed vehicle behind the new to us motor home. Anyhow the guy gave me the tow bar said I would need to get the frame brackets. I contacted the company and they must make them from unobtaineum with the prices quoted! $3-450 for 2 frame mounts. My...
  2. lifting bed

    need to R&R the fuel filler hose and will do the fuel pump while at it. This is 94 4.0 ext cab. Question is on lifting the bed. Are the 4 bolts in the bed all that hold it down, are there disconnects for lights or do I need to take the lights out and let dangle? It looks like I should be...
  3. freeze plu help

    1st post here although I have visited the site numerous times. Anyhow have a bad freeze plug on driver side, think its the forward one. Need to know if anyone has changed one out with the engine in the frame. What all has to be removed I am thinking motormount, maybe the steering shaft? Also...

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