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  1. Got Back In A Ranger

    Picked up another ranger. Its a 87 has a Dana 35 and a 31 spline disc brake 8.8 with a locker in it. Got it cheap cant decide if im gonna build another crawler or a prerunner. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. At least they got the steering right!!

    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/3264641813.html :icon_rofl::icon_surprised:
  3. Project Old Yeller 1980 Toyota 4x4

    I have a build going over on the marlin crawler forum and figured i'd throw it up on here. Hey everyone I figured it was time for me to start a build so i can get some motivation and to document my build. I picked up a super clean 1980 yota 4x4 for $2500 about a month ago. I've had some issues...
  4. So Long Ranger

    Well my ranger has served me well for the last year and 6 months but its time to say goodbye. Shes up for sale and I'm going to buy a mint 1980 toyota 4x4 pickup thursday. This site has great info and I'll keep on posting here I just wont have a ranger anymore.
  5. 4.0+4:88's+33's=Too Much Gear??

    Are 4:88 gears with a 4.0 turning 33's a little too much gear for a daily driver??
  6. Naked Woman In A Ranger!!!!!

    This is some hot shit!! Googlesearch =sexy+Ranger
  7. .243 v .270

    2 words: Remington 700 That is all
  8. .243 v .270

    It depends what you are hunting/shooting. For california most guys dont need anything larger than a .243 cause we have smaller game. However a .270 is a awesome gun and can be used for just about anything.
  9. The 66 Bronco

    Alright here's our 66 U-15 that we picked up on Sunday. Its was built in November of 65. It has the 170, 3 on the tree, dana 20, D-30/9inch 4.10 gears, eyebrow grill, Dealer installed bulkhead, roof rack, James Duff 3.5 inch lift, 31/10.50 Dayton tires etc. The plan is to slowly restore it to...
  10. EB Dana 30

    So my dad just picked up a 66 bronco today and it got me thinking. Hes gonna put a d-44 under it and is givin me the d-30 thats under it right now has anyone put a eb dana-30 under a ranger I'm seriously thinking of doing it?
  11. The '66 Bronco

    Heres my barn fresh 66 Bronco u-15 i picked up today. 170 strait six, d-30, nine inch, 4.10 gears, three on the tree, 3.5 inch James Duff lift, 31/10.50 tires. Brought it home and threw a starter in it and a new battery and it fired up right away! Pretty happy with it no major rust except the...
  12. You Are Now Offically Jealous!!!

    Cause I'm getting a 1966 Bronco tomorrow!!!!:thefinger::thefinger::thefinger:
  13. You might go to a redneck school if....

    I'll be missing or showing up late come turkey season. I'll be going out every morning before school.
  14. Burning Coolant

    Alright I've been searching for days and cannot find any information that pertains to me. About 3000-4000 miles ago I did a total overhaul to my 4.0. New gaskets, seals, water-pump, thermostat, rebuilt injectors, honed the cylinders, new rings, valve guide seals, cleaned the block and heads very...
  15. My Bad Day Rant

    Goddamit had the shittiest day EVER today. So sometime between lunch and the end of school some nogooddirtyrottenpieceofshithippiebutt****er broke into my truck and stole my 80gb ipod and the faceplate off of my sony headunit. I'm PISSED!!!!!!!!!! I'd like to get my hands on that sum bitch and...
  16. Bow options

    Once you get your hands on a hoyt and shoot it there is no turning back. A year or two ago when I was looking for a new bow and was looking at a Mathews and a bowtech. I took a good friends advise to shoot a hoyt and I have never looked back since then. I urge the OP to go shoot a hoyt and I...
  17. Bow options

    To be honest 500 is just gonna get you a shitty bow. I suggest saving up and getting a used or new HOYT. Hoyt is by far the best bow manufacturer out there. They stand behind their work and have the most competition wins period. I'd look at getting a used Katera, Turbo Hawk, PowerHawk or...
  18. Help me decide on a AR-15

    I'm liking the model 3
  19. Help me decide on a AR-15

    Haha I wish. I'm not 18 yet so my dad would have to buy it and then he'd pull the "Its My Gun" bulshit on me.:icon_rofl:

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