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  1. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    Awesome. Thanks ron for the tips, ill do this either tomorrow or sunday and ill report how it goes.
  2. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    Prepper - im going to not just upgrade the fan. it runs pretty hot on hot days, even going 60 consistently. My water pump and fan clutch came in today, im going to install it and remove and flush the radiator both ways when i do it and if that doesnt fix it i will do the 4.0 rad swap.
  3. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    Thanks robbie. Ill go to the boneyard sometime in the next couple of days and find me a rad and see what happens
  4. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    Thanks for your help RonD. Well, the fan pretty much freewheels when the engine is cold, and it has some resistance to it when its hot but its never locked in place. looks like its time for a fan clutch, i will replace that and report how it goes. Edit- if i am correct, i should be able to swap...
  5. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    And im back again. After cleaning everything out with brake cleaner and compressed air, i charged up my ac today, and IT WORKS! Blows cool enough at idle, but it gets *ice* cold as soon as im moving down the road. However, I now have another issue. Not sure if i should post this somewhere else...
  6. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    the pressure was too low on the low side. 0psi in fact. by the way, I actually am doing this in a shop with professionals and a high end a/c machine. It definitely comes in handy sometimes to work at a shop.
  7. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    I did not change the condenser, the kit I got from rockauto came with the compressor, dryer, orafice tube, and o-rings. The only things i didnt replace is the pressure switch, condenser, evaporator, and the lines.
  8. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    Well I'm back. I replaced the orafice tube (the old one was nasty too), and attempted to evacuate it and charge it today. It thankfully holds pressure, it appears it has a very small leak but its small enough I can just let it ride and fix it later when I find where it is. Here's the problem -...
  9. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    That works too. So ive got that orafice tube and some oil to add tomorrow and i should be set to charge it up on monday 😎 I'll be back then, to report how it goes. Hopefully theres no leaks. Thanks again for your help
  10. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    Thank you RonD I will charge it on the low port either way, but is it better to charge it with it running or with it off for minimal risk? I have a bottle of pag oil that came with my "compressor and component kit" from rockauto, im not sure if it is dyed i will have to check tomorrow when i...
  11. 87 Ranger Retrofit Help

    Hello all. I drive a 1987 ford ranger XLT with about 120k miles, been daily driving it for almost a year now and its great and rarely gives me issues. Being its an XLT it has factory air conditioning, r12 of course, and ever since i got the truck the system was empty and it has been empty for...

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