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  1. PanamaExpat

    Need 1994 Ranger Super Cab Passenger Right Side Rear Quarter Glass moveable

    Yep the same PanamaExpat. Thanks for remembering me.
  2. PanamaExpat

    Need 1994 Ranger Super Cab Passenger Right Side Rear Quarter Glass moveable

    A while back some guy pulled a serious road rage on me and broke out the above-mentioned window in my trusty old B-4000. Since the wife and I are traveling to the US in the next couple of weeks I was hoping someone here might have one they would be willing to part with. As shipping to Panama is...
  3. PanamaExpat

    Slips out of 3rd and 4th

    Been a while since I posted. My 94 B4000 M50D-R1 sometimes slips out of third or fourth but it seems to do it only on long gradual downhills. When it does this it acts like it goes between gears and makes a noise like a zipper. Shifting to neutral does nothing but as soon as you apply...
  4. PanamaExpat

    Caught a late night prowler in the yard

    So about 2:30 in the morning the dog started going nuts out in the yard. Got out of bed and looked...nothing. Almost got back to sleep and she started up again.... and again...nothing. This continued on until about 5 AM and she started going crazy in the front yard. This time when I looked out...
  5. PanamaExpat

    Ford to release new RBV SUV

    Just ran across this little bit of info. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/05/30/new-ford-ranger-suv-spotted/ Doubt it will hit USA dealerships though.
  6. PanamaExpat

    Finally broke down and read the EEC codes

    So I finally got around to sticking a light bulb on the thing to count the flashes. I am fairly certain the CEL is burned out as it has never come on. If I am reading the codes correctly I am getting a 32 (EGR test fail) then 75 (BOO Brake on off signal shorted to power) and a 22 (MAP or BARO...
  7. PanamaExpat

    4X4 module questions and help request

    So since the doc told me I had to slow down due to some health issues I have been doing the light work on my truck. It never had 4 wheel from the day I bought it. So I am going through the troubleshooting guide from the tech section and have already been through the shift motor. For some reason...
  8. PanamaExpat

    A Froot Loop waste of bandwidth

    Ran into this guy in the coconut tree outside my garage this morning. I have seen a lot of Toucans but this one was huge. Especially for being in the city. Now let's see if anyone protests the waste of bandwidth over a bird picture.
  9. PanamaExpat

    GM building FORD trucks

    Coming soon to a dealership near you.... http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/04/10/gm-next-generation-suvs-hit-road-incognito/?intcmp=features Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  10. PanamaExpat

    It's alive, it's alive, It's ALIIIVE!

    Well after almost two years IT'S ALIVE.... I put gas in the tank and swiped the battery from my wife's car today and of course met with horrible failure... Put the key in and pushed the clutch down turned the key and was greeted with a CLICK... Checked connections and all seemed OK so I...
  11. PanamaExpat

    Mystery connector

    Well looks like I might actually toss a battery in the B4000 and see if she starts tomorrow. I haven been connecting up everything and bleeding the hydraulics and so for so good. BUT... I have a two conductor female round connector with a red and a black wire that is right behind the cam...
  12. PanamaExpat

    HAPPY EASTER everyone...

    Alright you guys... It is going to be a beautiful weekend. Get out and spend some good quality family time. Don't forget to count the many blessings the good lord has bestowed upon you and your families. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!
  13. PanamaExpat

    Its a truck again...Almost

    Well the big day finally has arrived. After I can't remember how many months of tying up all three garage spaces with the B4000 I finally get to set the cab back on the chassis. So since I am sure y'all are tired of hearing me whining about it here it is. First I had to get the necessary tools...
  14. PanamaExpat

    For you guys that want a diesel

    While sitting back in the garage drinking beer and smoking a cigar I got to day dreaming about what I could do to a 1958 1 1/2 ton Ford that I know of. I was thinking about what kind of diesel engine I could fit in it. First that came to mind of course was the plentiful (for me at least)...
  15. PanamaExpat

    Coming soon to a Ford dealer near you.

    The Ford execs must be reading all of you North American's requests for our South American trucks. Here it is: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/01/15/ford-atlas-is-sneak-peek-at-next-f-150/?intcmp=features Are you going to buy one?
  16. PanamaExpat

    Afternoon quickie....

    Well since I am still recovering from our past week of the mega wedding and the ensuing massive hangover from .... You get the picture. Any how if you remember the milestone post of the chassis and motor I mentioned I had thought about modifying the old Auto Hubs to replace the crappy rusted...
  17. PanamaExpat

    Motor in frame... Milestone reached

    Well after a long time in the making yesterday morning we set the motor on the frame. I know there is still a long way to go but it sure feels good getting this far. I know I should have put the new WARN manual hubs on to spruce it up a bit but I don't want them to get damaged while moving stuff...
  18. PanamaExpat

    The difference betweem LUK and cheese

    Many times I have seen threads on here asking about what clutch kit to install in your Ranger. Well here are some photos of the LUK RepSet that I just unpacked to install in my build. I have compared it to the cheap replacement clutch that came out. Ok... So the pressure plate wasn't yellow...
  19. PanamaExpat

    Slave cylinder woes.....

    So I guess if when you hook up your master and slave to bench bleed everything and the slave starts spurting fluid out around the rubber ring in the center it means your slave is shot. SON OF A B___________!!!!!!!! I have never seen such a mickey mouse clutch release system in all my born days...
  20. PanamaExpat

    More where do they go parts

    Well the day is finally here and I am hoping that by the end of the day I have actually buckled the engine and transmission back together and have them nestled into the chassis. I have a small question regarding my all inclusive LUK clutch kit. In the kit is a small bag containing a spring steel...

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