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  1. stsalvage

    Supercab no back seat

    well, I have a 1991 ford ranger that has the 4.0 5 speed with 4.10 positraction with rear sway bar. I smoke most of the rangers off the line Love them 3.73 rangers think there fast But at 65 MPH there faster I run out of gear Put I can pull a tandem axle trailer where they can not Pulled this...
  2. stsalvage

    1989-94 frangers and 1991--94 ford explorers Heater contoller cables

    I have one for all your Ranger and Ford explorers mutts out there Why do all the Junk parks Cut the heater control cables? You know the mothers are not out there. I've looked for days trying to find the cables that connect to the controller I found 1. LMC use to sell them cus I have a 2008...
  3. stsalvage

    In need of help

    it sounds like he has a donor truck that has everything. Keep the donor truck and replace small things then move on to sliding the engine into place then take the engine harness out of the other truck. and transplant it into yours. then the fun part begins. Removing the dash and detecting the...
  4. stsalvage

    In need of help

    I believe so I have a friend that trying it now and not having much luck with his swap. Even tho you have the first year of this body I believe the harness did not carry over. I know the 4.0 will not work with the harness from a 2.9. Do whatever you can to take as many pictures. If you can take...
  5. stsalvage

    Autozone Distributors PSA

    I'm so glad I mess with the Coil packs they rarely go bad
  6. stsalvage

    96 Ranger..No crank..I turn key...I hear click

    I rather By pass the switch By sodering a jumper wire. The problem is If you get a new person driving your crap. and its in Reverse or first gear truck could take off. But most of us put on the emergency brake and that dose not happen.
  7. stsalvage

    1988 Ranger 2.9 to 1992 Explorer 4.0 SWAP Write-up

    My one question is why not just swap all the harness over to your older truck take the motor and swap it over. But I had a friend of mine do it the easy way find your self a 1988-92 ford ranger frame and do a frame swap cus all the frames are made to take the 2.9--4.0 and you just swap the all...
  8. stsalvage

    Found a unicorn

    I must be the only one that been finding the really hard ones to find. I just found a 1991 Eddie Bourne edition Its a 4x4 5 speed with auto hubs. Its a really nice looking truck I had the manual sunroof for a matter of fact I hate sunroofs. Pay 900 for it but the one thing it had was the...
  9. stsalvage

    '91 Explorer will not idle during inital startup.

    I was talking to a guy that told me If your having all sorts of problem time to check the power control module the thing on the core support next to the battery
  10. stsalvage

    Just finished installing my Engine and trans got it all back together newly rebuilt heads new...

    Just finished installing my Engine and trans got it all back together newly rebuilt heads new gaskets pained the motor It turned out Really nice
  11. stsalvage

    Starting a collection

    own them all Now that's why I say I have a lot of crap sooner or later I will have to let most of it go it was a stepping stone when I was in my 20--my late 30's Same goes for my old BMX 24 BMX bikes. I was a collector. Now at age 50 I'm just wanting a simple life with less stuff
  12. stsalvage

    Ranger 1988 auto to manual swap

    I'm looking at a 1989 ford ranger XLT extened cab I have the same problem. I hate auto's I'm a stick man.Fround a really nice 2 wheel drive 2.3 with a bad auto in it for 500.00 body is is super same interior is in super shape plus its on none DMV opt. But i live in Calif I have a 1996 ford...
  13. stsalvage

    1991 Ranger no start

    These are most of the parts that will keep your truck from running
  14. stsalvage

    94 4.0 dies with any amount of throttle

    2.9 and the 3.0 and the 4.0 use the same Cat
  15. stsalvage

    94 4.0 dies with any amount of throttle

    that's the aftermarket one this is the factory one
  16. stsalvage

    94 4.0 dies with any amount of throttle

    Or it could be this bad boy most of the time it's not
  17. stsalvage

    94 4.0 dies with any amount of throttle

    this is some of the parts i be chacking
  18. stsalvage

    94 4.0 dies with any amount of throttle

    I be checking to see if all your injectors are firing. I bought a 1990 ford ranger guy put in a brand new engine long block He went overboard about putting new parts everywhere the one part he did not change was the injectors. I found out that nb# 2-3 Pistons are on the upswing of the crank and...
  19. stsalvage

    Engine Compatibility

    My 1991 blow up before i got it The shop that did mine got one out of a 1997 ford explorer with only 19,000 on it it was brand new But it had EGR and a Nox sensor He took a freeze plug and taped it in to place to cover the hole and changed all my stuff over to the 1997 best running engine I've...
  20. stsalvage

    How to build a 4.0 OHV for power, some limits and tips...

    I've found out the pinging when you take a hill is because of Octane I ran 87 in mine at fist but it hated the 87 now I run the 89 much better less pings. I know it would run better on 91 But I'm not that rich.

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