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  1. Zachalanche

    Does anyone have a 2.9 that doesnt leak?

    Yeah same here. I don't notice much loss if any on the dipstick between oil changes, but for some reason it looks like a qt a day hits the ground.
  2. Zachalanche

    Does anyone have a 2.9 that doesnt leak?

    This year i got motivated to fix all the leaks on my 2.9. But almost all of my fixes have since started leaking again. New oil filter adapter o rings made it 1000 miles. Left valve cover gasket has been replaced 2x this year and still leaks. Valve cover flanges are straight as an arrow I...
  3. Zachalanche

    More Torque - Best bang for the buck - Opinions requested

    Might have to go m62 for the 2.9
  4. Zachalanche

    More Torque - Best bang for the buck - Opinions requested

    Smaller wheels wont help run lower rpms, but thrust goes way up the smaller you go in wheel diameter.....assuming you get traction.
  5. Zachalanche

    More Torque - Best bang for the buck - Opinions requested

    supercharger might be do-able, maybe an M90? probably will be worse on gas than the turbo....at least when cruising at lower speeds where boost is unnecessary. a wieand might be easy, fab up a base plate to match the lower manifold then just throw a sniper on top....and get a cowl hood. but...
  6. Zachalanche

    More Torque - Best bang for the buck - Opinions requested

    HI all, I have an 89 ranger with a 2.9 that has served me well, but its got north of 250,000 miles on it now and I have been finding myself doing a lot of hwy driving with steep grades lately, and this poor engine really struggles to keep pace with traffic, and if i try, the high rpm operation...
  7. Zachalanche

    Anyone tried it yet? Holley sniper install

    I have some experience with the Holley sniper on small block fords. When using the ignition control the ecm becomes very sensitive to RFI. This is extra problematic on fords due to the close proximity to the distributor (which is probably your largest source of RFI in the entire engine...
  8. Zachalanche

    What alternator goes to my 89 2.9.

    I have an 89 ranger xlt 4x4 2.9 with ac. The accessories use v belts, not serpentine. I've been through 3 alternators in the past year. Warranty replacement is nice, but I'm about to start installing the things with wing nuts so I can swap them out every oil change. I don't prefer autozone...
  9. Zachalanche

    1989 2.9 reeks of gas

    I recently noticed the smell of fuel entering my cab while driving. it tends to show up at stoplights after the vehicle is warmed up. I do not see or smell any signs of fuel near the tank or along the vent line. Also The EVAP canister does not smell like it has been fuel saturated. What I...
  10. Zachalanche

    Inner fenders for fiberglass fenders

    For those of you who have added fiberglass front fenders to your truck, you already know there aren't many options for replacing the inner fenders, and relocation of the airbox, wiring, and ignition coil is required. I drive my truck in the winter a lot, and My door hinges are rusty enough as...
  11. Zachalanche

    M50D-R1 won't stay in third.

    I have a 89 ranger with 2.9 and mazda trans. I replaced the transmission about 10,000 miles ago, and just recently it started popping out of third gear on deceleration. It also feels like it doesn't go all the way into third gear (at least compared to how deep it shifts into all the other...
  12. Zachalanche

    need transmission advice.

    Hello I have an 89 ranger 4X4 with the2.9 and FM 146. Over the weekend it became randomly difficult to shift in and out of gear. I pulled the trans and found an excessive amount of play on the input shaft. SO, I basically looking for the best bang for the buck on this repair. -Is it worth...
  13. Zachalanche

    2.9 jerks on freeway

    This just happened for the first time today. I was drivng my 89 up a moderate incline at roughly full throttle when the engine missed. in fact, it seemed to be a bit harder than a miss. the first time it happened I thought I might have hit a bump in the road, but it happened 2 more times...
  14. Zachalanche

    Check Engine - Air Temp Sensor

    Lately My check engine light has been turning on randomly while driving. In most cases this has not affected dirvability performance, etc. on rare occasion it will come on when the engine is cold and idling and the engine will shut off. I just pulled the KOEO and CM codes and got code 54 (ACT...
  15. Zachalanche

    Deal on manual hubs.

    found these manual hubs on sale. not sure how good of a deal that is, but thought I'd let you guys know anyway. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MMK-428/
  16. Zachalanche

    oil pressure sensor decay.

    as meaningless as the factory oil pressure gauge is, this really isn't a big deal. But, I am curious if this happens to everyone else. seems like every fewe years or so I replace my oil pressure sensor. the day it is new it always shows the most oil pressure (needle pointing roughly at the M...
  17. Zachalanche

    oil pressure sensor works backwards?

    I replaced my oil pressure sensor on my 89 2.9 yesterday, and it appears to be working backwards. with the key on engine off, the guage shows normal oil pressure. with the engine running the needle is hard against the low side( what appears to be as far as the needle goes.) I'm sure I have oil...
  18. Zachalanche

    drop brackets

    Need someone to refresh my memory on this one. Will 4x4 drop brakcets work on a 2wd ranger? thanks.
  19. Zachalanche

    89 ranger progress

    Not sure if I can really call this a build since my strategy has been to upgrade things as needed. Its been a rather slow evolution, but thought I'd show some pics. I'll try to post new things as they happen. This truck started as an 89 xlt 4X4 2.9 auto. in its current configuration has the...

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