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    Dana 44 gear pattern check please!

    Pinion is too deep and it also looks like the backlash is too tight. Your pattern should be centered on the gear teeth

    Engine Oil Additive? (probably stupid question)

    That's BG MOA. Once saw a BG Rep soak a ball bearing in MOA then drop it in sulfuric acid and it sat there undamaged. Who knows what trickery they could have played. Its good stuff, won't hurt your engine. Though I believe you would be just fine with regular oil changes and shouldn't need an...

    Informal poll and opinions ar15

    Why not? Worked great for all those hundreds of millions of people murdered by their own government

    shop safety

    Imagine the spray pattern.... That sucks

    It just won't stop snowing!

    So we have over 1' of snow here now and its still pouring down snow. It will probably snow for the next 2 days and I can't afford to keep missing work :annoyed: Last night I made it up our extremely steep driveway with my 2wd open diff, the chains were clawing their way into the ice to get a...

    Need some help from the laptop techs.

    I have an Acer aspire one d255e that won't boot. a while ago i replaced a cracked screen and have had the connector of the screen come loose a couple times. today it happened after my wife used it and i told her i'd fix it when i got home. i get home and check it out, started by popping the...

    How to: Fix intermittent charging from alternators with separate stator wire

    Original Poster: BRUTUS_T_HOG Difficulty: 1 out of 10 Time to install: 5 Minutes Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following this how-to...

    Any plumbers/experts?

    i need some help setting up a washer in my new house. the room is a laundry room converted to an office.. i need to convert it back i myself think the drain pipe is too low and it obviously doesn't have a trap on it because i unscrewed the end cap to the drain and HOOOOLY CRAP.. literally i...

    Rear Dana 60 pros and cons?

    my D60 has 16 splines lol. nothing available for it!

    I bought a new gun!!! yaaaaaaay

    im a what IF kind of guy and i like to be prepared for anything... my wife on the other hand is the type of sheltered girl that applies "that will never happen.. that doesn't happen here" to everything. it infuriates me sometimes. one time she took a 1000mile round trip with little notice and...

    I bought a new gun!!! yaaaaaaay

    i want a 500... but my wife wants our family to be victims.

    If you had your ranger worked on in Warrenton yesterday.

    if you look under the hood you'll probably find my flex handle ratchet and 15mm socket :temper: i love losing tools. :annoyed:


    ..is the chat room ALWAYS dead? Lately work has been slow and boring, I stand around on my computer almost all day and have nothing to do(not getting paid to do so btw). So i'm like oh gee maybe there is someone to talk to on TRS. nope.

    Scangauge Coolant Readings For Our 2.3

    your first post is a hijack. i suspect you're putting t-stats in wrong OP: don't trust sensors. you need to measure the actual temperature of the engine coolant at the therostat housing or directly on the coolant sensor. i've run into a lot of cyl head temp sensors reading way too high and...

    Bad Chiropractor visit

    im only 21 and im doing everything i can to stop it from getting worse. no job is worth a lifetime of disability so always ask for help lifting something or use a machine. or just plain refuse to do something risky

    Bad Chiropractor visit

    well if its discs the only thing you can do is strengthen your back and stomach muscles. i deal with this pain everyday. sometimes i can't even walk or stand from it. i've been told that the best thing you can do for it is to stay active and endure the pain and it will feel better faster. best...

    I need ideas! 150gal of free fuel....with a catch

    I have access to a few 55gal barrels of misfuel gasoline with unkown amounts of diesel mixed in it. basically a gas station tows a truck into our shop after filling a diesel with gasoline and we pump it into the drums and do nothing with it. we've run this stuff in the shop vehicles before. at...

    Warning about Redbox DVD's

    I get redbox movies all the time. I just got one that literally almost rattled my xbox to pieces because the label on the center was off center by 1/32" I recommend checking these labels for being centered before you put it in your expensive equipment:icon_thumby:

    I want this gun.

    still not working

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