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  1. break pedal goes to floor when engine is running

    i have a 1989 ford ranger when engine is off i have a good pedal there is no air in the line when truck is running pedal goes to floor and rpm goes up and down thinking it mite be the break booster cuz when i hit the pedal it also makes a wisshhh sound any help on this matter would be very helpful
  2. pitman arm

    hi i am trying to get my pitman arm off cuz putting 4in lift on truck i already broke my puller on it then tried a high grade bold and bent that anyone have any ideas even tried my air hammer
  3. 4in lift ?

    so going to be putting a 4in lift on for now and need to pick up ubolts how long of ones do i need and where would be a good place to get them
  4. metal for bumper

    so is 3/16 steel plate and .120 wall dom strong enough for a winch bumper the winch will sit on 3/8s plate
  5. 03 ford ranger fx4 4 door seats in 1993 ranger

    i have a 1993 ford ranger and i got a like brand new set of 2003 fx4 ranger bucket seats anyone swap these in before i know they wont just bolt right in lol tried that any help would be appreciated.
  6. speedo fix

    has anyone used the JET Accu-Speed Control Units 50109 on a 1993 ford ranger and if so did it work i going to be changing gear ratios and tire size
  7. 4.0 spark problem

    hi i just gaped my plugs to factory spec and engine misfires on heavy load and low rpm its a 1993 ford ranger 4.0 what have everyone else gaping there pugs to
  8. skyjacker 138s

    i have a 93 reg cab ranger i plan on using skyjack 6in lift coils for a extended cab ranger any problems anyone think i will have
  9. welded 8.8

    hey all has anyone ran a welded 8.8 on road as dd pros/cons breakage ?
  10. reg cab to ex cab

    hi has anyone put a extended cab on a reg cab frame?
  11. tires for whaen truck is lifted

    hi i been looking at tires and am thinking http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=General&tireModel=Grabber&partnum=525QR5GRABRL&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes as my first tire once truck is lifted just want peoples opinion on that tire and size also thinking...
  12. dana 35 pinion nut and crush sleeve

    hi i need part numbers for the pinion nut and crush sleeve for a 1993 ford ranger 4x4 dana 35 if any one knows the part number for autozone that would be a big help
  13. c clip eliminators

    so i am looking to do a c clip eliminator on the dana 35 ttb on my ranger and was wounding what all comes with Yukon C-Clip Eliminator Spring is it just the spring or goes it come with a collar to hold it from going past the shaft where i have seen others just do a weld going around
  14. axle seal

    hi i have a 1993 ford ranger 4x4 dana 35 seals at pumpkin are leaking where the axles go in what seal am i looking for does anyone have a part number or link to them
  15. Kirbys 1991 Ranger Build Up and Solid Axle Swap

    for 64s you need to move the front spring hanger the rear one stays where it is i am getting ready to do the swap myself i am having the springs reached 13'' and getting belltech 6400 shackles and flipping them i will be using the ford factory block and mite have to drop hanger down a bit to...
  16. ruff stuff "Y" Link Steering Using GM 1 Ton TRE

    Has anyone used the "Y" Link Steering Using GM 1 Ton TRE kit from ruffstuff and if so how did you like it any complaints i thinking getting it for my 93 ranger when i lift it vs getting skyjackers 6'' lift pitman arm
  17. 6'' lift pitman arm

    what are my choices i really dont want to spend 200$ on skyjackers pitman arm any cheaper options out there doing about a 6in lift have skyjacker 138 coils
  18. Skyjacker Drop Brackets

    is it worth the extra doe for the class 2 over class 1 just trying to weigh my options i did some more looking and found a trend on here telling me what i want to know

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