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  1. crazypj

    How to ruin a 2.3 Duratec

    Yep, I realise it's an ignition cut out, I was wondering if the auto is governed at a different speed to the manual I've only seen old diesels with mechanical governors
  2. crazypj

    How to ruin a 2.3 Duratec

    Did not know that Does the 5 speed Mazda 'box' have governor as well? (not that it matters) I've been up to an indicated 90 and it didn't feel safe enough to go any faster Any idea how long it takes to get manifold off and if I'll need any gaskets/'O' rings when re-fitting?
  3. crazypj

    How to ruin a 2.3 Duratec

    Resurrecting another old thread, but, was there ever an answer for newer engines? My 2004 is only doing around 18~20 mpg around town, a dramatic drop from the 27 I used to get (although I do seem to get stuck in traffic/red lights more than I used to) It doesn't seem to make black smoke or be...
  4. crazypj

    Engine Tap

    Old thread, mines done it since new. (8 yrs so far) Always irritated me but not enough to do anything though
  5. crazypj

    Ford ranger 2.3 dohc 2003

    Wow, what did you do? (cheap oil, over revving?) Personally I would re-build what you have, always nice to know exactly what you've got and you have the option of doing some 'upgrades' (cam, porting, etc :icon_thumby:)
  6. crazypj

    2001 2.3L code P0171

    Had same code on wife's car,turned out to be a tiny split in the rubber boot between air filter and throttle body Meant the MAF was sending wrong reading
  7. crazypj

    Timing chain deflection...

    Ford say change the chain at 120,000, I'm interested to find out when the chain HAS to be replaced as I know the factory service is conservative Guess I'll have an oil analysis done next oil change and see if there is excess 'iron' in the oil
  8. crazypj


    Except the Mazda RX series (Wankel) Just being a smartass :icon_rofl: Interesting reading, I guess my AC compressor seal has died as AC was 'out' have a leak developed , possibly (probably?) rear main.Not dripping on the floor yet so I'll leave it a while
  9. crazypj

    B2300 AC problem

    Hi all, Been quite a while since I actually logged in I've (still) got my 2004 B2300. Last week I found the AC isn't working Had a look at things today, the AC clutch is cycling on and off, even on max cooling. Tried adding refrigerant but not sure I'm using the correct port? I can only find...
  10. crazypj


    Best I ever got was 34mpg at around 60~65mph. had about 400lbs in bed and passenger (coming back from NH, awful lot of cops in Maryland) Had a tarp over bed, pulled tight so that may have helped? The weight only makes a difference if your going uphill or pulling off, when its moving, its...
  11. crazypj

    B2300 DOHC engine.

    I did some digging around and found this. It's probably in wrong section but as I'm not an administrator so I can't put it into engine section directly. The base block casting is just about the same from 2001, some modification for the 2006 Mazda 6 turbo car. Hers link to engine section...
  12. crazypj

    Fuel consumption?

    Hi Folks, I keep a log of how much gas I use, just about everything since I bought truck new in 04. (I had to do it when I worked as site service engineer and the habit stuck) Anyway, my quesion is, I was getting around 27~34 mpg averages until Florida went to 10% ethanol fuel. (34mpg on...
  13. crazypj

    Ball joints and dust seals?

    Hi Folks, I'm sort of new. ( haven't posted for about 18months or more) Have 2004 Mazda B2300. (Ranger with a different bed and badge) Changed oil last week and noticed the lower ball joint dust seals had completely failed. The inner edge of passenger side front tyre is also well worn Is...

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