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  1. 1989

    Anyone recognize the numbers ??? I don't

    What transmission do I have ?
  2. 1989

    in need of some advice

    i recently came across an oxy acetalene tourch/welding setup i need to weld up my leaf spring perches for my sas swap would the oxy setup be good enough (strong enough welds) to do so ???
  3. 1989

    2.3 question

    this might be stupid question but does the 2.3 have a timing chain or belt ?
  4. 1989

    leafspring hangers/perches

    could i simply do a drop bracket from the oil pan cross member ????
  5. 1989

    leafspring hangers/perches

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  6. 1989

    leafspring hangers/perches

    im trying to get a little more clearance from my body and frame at the same time without doing a body lift i see how you braced the back between them and thats a briliant idea i planed on installing a tow hitch in the front for added strength between the spring perches anyways so that would take...
  7. 1989

    leafspring hangers/perches

    so ive looked threw everywhere in the forum and i cant find anything talking about perches and what is a good and whats a bad idea for length from the frame i was talking to a friend and i mentioned leaf perchs that came down from the frame 4 to 5 inches from the frame (given that i brace them...
  8. 1989

    d44 ford ranger

    bobbywalter can you send me some pictures of your frontend on your mounting of the leaf springs im only a few days from welding my leaf perches 3605626488 thank you
  9. 1989

    84 ranger /302 swap guages

    iv been thinking about removeing the guage cluster from my ranger and installing aftermarket guages into my dash on a sheet of metal anybody have any pointers or cons to doing so
  10. 1989

    Rear steer ????????

    that helps a lot thank you now is there gonna be any problems if i want to run a locker ?
  11. 1989

    Rear steer ????????

    so id like to do rear steer on my ranger but i cant seem to find anything that would show me how to even start any advice would help thanks
  12. 1989

    Fuel lines ?

    I'm sealing a 302 into my 84 ranger and it's fuel injected my previouse motor was carb is it ok to run high pressure rubber fuel lines from the motor to the new tank or do I need to install the hard lines from a fuel injected vehicle ?
  13. 1989

    9 inch rear steer ?

    Has any got a link to a rear steer page I have a possi ford 9 inch and I want go go rear steer I have the axle in a ford ranger that I'm doing a 302 swap on
  14. 1989

    302 with 351 Windsor heads ?

    Does anyone know what I would need ( maybe a list of things to replace ?) to put 351 w heads on my 302 ? And how well it would benefit or hurt my swap ? I just got a roller 302 and I'm sealing it into my ranger the motor is a long block so I have to buy everything new to go on it and if I do the...
  15. 1989

    4.9 l inline 6

    Can anyone help me on how to wire a 4.9 carbureted inline 6 into a ranger?
  16. 1989

    General truck rollover ? Need opinion

    Ok so me and a couple of my buddy's were talking about a friends truck that he had rolled over and the point that was brought up was when a truck is rolled is it safe to roll it to the wheels and start it or can it cause problems internally ? I belive it can for a couple reasons 1) lack of oil (...
  17. 1989

    Dana 30 questions really confused

    I have a Dana 30 out if a 91 jeep Cherokee I don't think it's a CAD but some guy trying to buy it is telling me it is I'm not argueing with him for lack of experience with d30s but I didn't think it was ill post a picture
  18. 1989

    74 d44 on an 84 ranger

    Ok so I didn't get the wagoner axle I decided on a d44 from an f250 with leaf over and now I need to decide on a set of leaf springs but I want something that will give me at least 5 inches of lift 4 would be ok too any that you would recomend ?
  19. 1989

    F250 d44

    And is the f250 d44 any stronger than the f150 d44 ?
  20. 1989

    F250 d44

    What size tire to you recomend useing ? ( max) and any idea on leaf springs ? I think I might buy a set that are on an f250 at the junk yard there not flat yet but I just have no idea what I should use for the axle

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