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  1. 1991 Ranger Street/Strip 351w?.? Project DEADLINE 1 Oct 2016 Cruisin the coast

    1991 Ranger Street/Strip 302 Project DEADLINE 1 Oct 2016 Cruisin the coast Long time no see folks, I started a 1990 ford ranger 302 swap a few years back. I purchased the 302 engine, aod tranny, 8.8rearend, and new tires for the truck. That week, a 76 year old deaf woman pulled out in front of...
  2. 90 ranger old crap to new beast

    Current Status: 1990 Ford ranger 2.3L with 7.5 rearend, automatic tranny. All stock. Runs fine for 250,000 miles. Transmission kicks when pulling it from park into reverse, and again when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Been doing it for a while. Goal: Restored ranger with a 331 stroker, 350rwhp...
  3. will make you laugh

    Look very close at the truck infront of me Bad picture but now look at the same white "truck" and what is infront of it :) small things in life make it worth while
  4. What is under carpet 1990 ranger?

    Took the carpet up today and going to hurkaline the floor tomorow. Under the carpet is a gold looking substance. Is that to prevent heat transfer or? At first i thought it was metal but then looked closer and there are cracked spots and pieces peiling.
  5. Fixable door or buy new one?

    Starting to fix up my baby, I've always figured I will need to buy a new door and fender. Anything I can do for this? Also anyone know of good books or articles on body work to include bondo and sanding? As you can see it is pretty bad
  6. 1990 Ranger Long Term

    Have a 1990 2.3 brown faded ranger that I bought for $1,000 back 2 years ago. Been driving it around as a daily driver ever since. I've fixed a few things on it engine wise to keep it running and improve the gas mileage (17-21mpg) depending on how I am driving and Texas winds. Besides that it’s...
  7. Question painting door panels?

    1990 Ford ranger door panels are made of a vinyl material then a cloth material. I purchased a vinyl and paint cloth paint for it. My question is can you really spray paint this cloth? Will upload pictures later. Thanks for any help
  8. Editing

    Moved to Correctly thread. Deleted.
  9. introducing myself

    Hows it going? Names slone. Drive a beat up 90 ford ranger 2.3l. Current plans are fixing it up to include body, interior, and looking into putting a 1985 chevy corvette l98 350 rebuild to put into it. Besides my ranger I also own a 1981 chevy corvette and a 1984 porsche 944 that has a cracked...

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