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  1. Purchased “new” cylinder heads

    Ede... Any idea if the valves are lapped to the seats? I've lapped valves many, many years ago on a couple engines I built up. Don't know if that is still being done on any engine. Cant imagine the big engine manufactures investing the time and $$ to do that process.
  2. Best quality parts needed for Cylinder Head replacement

    I might be replacing both cylinder heads on my '02 3.0l Ranger. Other than the heads themselves, could I get suggestions for top quality parts (gaskets, head bolts, seals, etc) that I would need to do this change out please? Money is not really my concern (buy once...cry once). For the vast...
  3. Purchased “new” cylinder heads

    Ede...Thank you for your post. My '02 3.0l has been experiencing the dreaded cylinder "miss" for sometime. I'm very reluctant to purchase a set of remanufactured heads and I've wondered about the new ones you have purchased. From what I've read on the 'net about them, those that have used...
  4. Front Brake Caliper problem and diagnois

    Thanks Fellows. I should have added..... I notice the occasional "pulsating" after I've driven the truck (and used the brakes) for....a little bit... maybe 10 miles or so. BUT just occasionally. Bottom line... I'd have to say this issue occurs after the brake system has warmed up. Don't...
  5. Front Brake Caliper problem and diagnois

    What are the symptoms of occasionally "sticking" Front brake caliper pistons? On occasion, I get "pulsating" feedback into my brake pedal (actually you can feel the truck "pulsate") as if the rotors are warped. They are not warped as I have checked them with a dial indicator....less than .003...
  6. New, replacement Cam Synchronizer "squeaks"

    Eddo... Thanks. I ordered a new M/C belt and while I was removing/reinstalling the belt I saw that the (OEM) plastic cooling fan has sever cracks between the individual blades and its hub. Ordered a new M/C fan. I've seen these plastic fans develop cracks in the same location on other...
  7. 3.0l idle and tensioner pulleys the same?

    Just the pulleys. NOT the tensioner assembly with its attached pulley. Trying to find out if (just) the pulleys are the same (dimensions) and if they use the same bearing.
  8. 3.0l idle and tensioner pulleys the same?

    Are the Idle and Tensioner Pulleys on the 3.0l engine the same p/n? This is for a 2002 Ranger Edge. They look the same....
  9. New, replacement Cam Synchronizer "squeaks"

    Eddo... I ran the engine again this morning. Still has a squeak. (its 40* outside). Removed the belt and ran the engine...no squeak... Hand spun all the pulleys (All). No "unusual" noises OR looseness in the bearings (tensioner and idler) (A/C, P/S, Water Pump, Alternator felt/sounded OK)...
  10. New, replacement Cam Synchronizer "squeaks"

    The replacement unit is/was Motorcraft DA2098. I well soaked the lower part in oil, rotating the shaft as I soaked it. Not much faith in the Oil Pressure "indicator" being that its a glorified ON/OFF indicator that does not indicate actual pressure. Better than nothing though....
  11. New, replacement Cam Synchronizer "squeaks"

    2002 Edge with the 3.0l engine. Replaced the OEM Cam Synchronizer that had 245k on it that had an OCCASIONAL "squeak". Installed a new Motorcraft unit. All was well. Now, with about 600 miles on the new unit, it has started a CONTINUOUS "squeak". Anyone have a replacement Motorcraft unit do...
  12. <SOLVED> New head now runs like crap

    Any idea why it would run better with the incorrect FI's?
  13. "NEW" 3.0l v6 Cylinder Heads....Quality?

    Fellows. Were these NEW?
  14. 3.0l PCV valve, "rattles"?

    Are the 3.0l PCV valves LIGHTLY spring loaded in the closed position? OR can you see the internal check valve "rattle" about inside the valve body?
  15. "NEW" 3.0l v6 Cylinder Heads....Quality?

    RonD....again thank you for an explanation on what's going on with these 3.0l heads. "Ford said it was "due to an engine exhaust valve seat recession"(B.S. "engineering" explanation) So seats could move in their head cavity" BUT....may I harp on this issue some more? I assume valve seats are...
  16. "NEW" 3.0l v6 Cylinder Heads....Quality?

    Ah.... so it was the valve seats and NOT "soft" heads? I've seen pictures on the 'net that show the valves (exhaust) "misshapen". The valves look as if they are being pulled thru the seats. As if the valves are "soft". What exactly was/is "bad" with the valve seats?
  17. Replace or Repair Fuel injectors

    Thanks all. Ebay has a NEW set of VLD's (I think) FFV injectors listed for $90..... to good to be true and I contacted the seller about them.
  18. "NEW" 3.0l v6 Cylinder Heads....Quality?

    Thanks RonD. BUT... if Ford had "soft" heads that were the cause of the valve problems in...at least the later 3.0l heads (per Ford).... how does getting them refurb/overhauled/"valve job/etc prevent the valve problem from reoccurring? From what I have read on the 'net, this "soft head" issue...
  19. "NEW" 3.0l v6 Cylinder Heads....Quality?

    Exploring my options to repair/replace the cylinder heads on my 3.0l engine. Came across a couple web-sites that offer "NEW" cylinder heads for these Ford engines. The money issue is not my concern. Rather, its the quality of these replacement heads. I assume they are China produced (like...
  20. Replace or Repair Fuel injectors

    Have a '02 Edge with the 3.0l FFV engine. 245k miles on the truck. Would like some info on fuel injectors. Other than cost, are "rebuilt/repaired/ overhauled" F.I. any better/worse than just getting new F.I. ? If a F.I. company "rebuilds''/overhauls F.I. exactly what do they do to them? If...

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