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  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) 1986 fuel pump cycling

    I'll more testing and report back.
  2. 2.3L ('83-'97) 1986 fuel pump cycling

    Been steadily working on the 1986 2.3, 5sp, 2wd project truck. It's been running awesome. We even swapped in a 8.8"/4.10 diff in preparation for a "down the road" 5.0/T5 swap...in the parts accumulation stage. But until then we are having fun rolling around in it. Anyhow...the other day it...
  3. 1984 Ranger

    For anyone interested. The TK5 poly ball on this sifter rod should measure .730" and the inside of the trans where it rides measures .745". Turns out my issue is not the shifter ball but something else. Or...I'm just expecting too much from a 35yr old design.
  4. 1984 Ranger

    That is not what he needs. The TK4/5 were completely different. The actual shift lever/arm/handle has a poly ball on the end that actuates a socket inside the tranny to move the gears. That poly ball wears out and the shift lever becomes terribly loose/sloppy to the point that you can't find...
  5. TK5 to Mazda M50D-R1 swap?

    I have TWO donor trucks that are both 2.3L/M5OD and match the wheelbase of the 1986 2.3L/TK5 project truck. So I have no shortage of 5 speed's....or four cylinders! May just do the swap since I don't have much else going on in the garage this winter.
  6. TK5 to Mazda M50D-R1 swap?

    Working on the latest 1986 2.3L, 2wd, Tk5 project. Now have it running great...or as good as a 2.3L can run. Now that the other issues are tackled, the problem of a super sloppy TK5 shifter needs fixed. I've called around and cannot find a new shifter anywhere. Since I have two parts truck...
  7. Another 1st gen

    Tired of chasing the high idle...switched to floor pan repairs.
  8. Another 1st gen

    Still chasing the fast idle issue. Cleaning the TB didn't do it. IAC is next.
  9. Corey and Elise's 1983 V8 Ranger build - aka - Project Interceptor

    Hey man....could I get a clear pic of the dash and switch panel? I can't see most of the pics in this thread and am currently rebuilding/restoring a 1986 and dig the one angled pic I could see of the dash. A DM or texted pic would be awesome. Thanks.
  10. Another 1st gen

    And.....a step backwards. Heard a whistle start and the idle was higher than normal. Chased it with carb cleaner and seemed to be coming from the middle intake gasket. Pulled everything apart, gasket looked good. But will throw a new one in, check the other vac lines and reinstall.
  11. Another 1st gen

    Wasn't mine. I have rich friends. :icon_rofl:
  12. Another 1st gen

    Update. The nasty old grill badge was bothering my son...so I gave him one that was hiding in my toolbox. Hinges are rebuilt, door panels are swapped for a set from a grey 1989. Also got the exhaust installed. This Borla has to be sad. It used to live and make fantastic sounds under a...
  13. 1986, 2.3L--runs RICH and rough idle

    The last vacuum leak has been located. I trickled carb cleaner around the vac ports on the top of the intake manifold. No change in idle. So I want gangster and blasted everything around the throttle body. This got a response! Some more spraying and investigating led me to the EGR. The...
  14. WTB: 1st gen drop coil springs

    Looking for a pair of 2" drop coil springs for my latest 1stgen project. Let me know what you have. Post, PM or text me. Thanks. 724 219 8145
  15. WTB: 89-94 NON-Tach gauge cluster

    I have a 1990 and 1992 parts trucks that likely have what you want. Shoot me a text. 724 219 8145
  16. 87 Ranger/BII Heater Box with A/C

    Did you find what you are looking for? I have one, maybe two. Shoot me a text. 724 219 8145
  17. Have you sold the 140hph speedo? Shoot me a text if you want. Dan. 724 219 8145

    Have you sold the 140hph speedo? Shoot me a text if you want. Dan. 724 219 8145
  18. 1986, 2.3L--runs RICH and rough idle

    I need to provide some updates. The MAP sensor...I took apart the vacuum lines that were bundled together inside of the wire loom covering. The line providing vac to the MAP was melted and there were several small holes in it. Cut out the bad section and spliced it with a section of very...

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