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  1. simpler=better

    Jeep D35?

    D35s are rears, and they're called turdy-fives for a reason. Tap anything harder than a speed bump and it will bend. After seeing one bend in a mild curb-tap, I'll never go near them again.
  2. simpler=better

    Gauge ideas

    I picked up a spare cluster from the JY and plan on hacking it up for my 98. I'm planning on fixing the oil pressure gauge to read right, going to all amber LEDs, adding a small digital battery gauge in the PRND area, a vacuum gauge, a dummy light to tell me when the electric fan is on, and...
  3. simpler=better

    HVAC guts swap?

    Is it possible to swap the HVAC guts from say...a 94 into a 98? I hate the vacuum controls, and would love to go back to cables. My heater core is dying, when I have to pull it all apart I might as well fix it forever. Any ideas?
  4. simpler=better

    1998 2.5L 2.5" Exhaust Build

    Went home for the weekend and got some shop time with my Brother & Dad. Since my hacked up stock exhaust was rattling, loud, rusted, and had a cracked EGR tube we started from scratch. Truck is a 1998 XLT, 2WD, extended cab, stickshift, with AC & PS. ~210k miles on her right now. Parts...
  5. simpler=better

    98+ IFS Turning Radius

    Long time lurker here. I've got a 1998 2WD with the lovely IFS. It rides great, but the turn radius is HORRIBLE. My old '93 2WD could turn on a dime, but the '98 turns worse than an extended cab F350. Are there any parts I can swap out to get a better turn radius? Different R&P, linkage, etc?
  6. simpler=better

    Trying to decide on a new truck

    Hello! Long time visitor, first time caller. I used to own a 1993 Ranger 4L v6 Automatic; got it at 150k; kept it till 210 when I blew the headgasket and sold it for $300. Maybe I got a lemon, but just about everything on that POS broke or was breaking. Still, the seating/interior fit me...

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