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  1. Sounds like a Mack truck

    Are the O rings special, re-installing the ISS sensor, must have nicked the O ring, it leaking. Or should I just get a new ISS sensor. You know the part # for it?
  2. Sounds like a Mack truck

    Thank you RonD, I was replacing the wrong one. Glad you guys are on top of things! someday I hope I can help someone!
  3. fan clutch

    the temp is constant after warm up, no fluctuations there. Ill have to check it when its up to temp to get the free spin. After sitting for 2 hours, I could not spin the fan, the pulley does move, it is tight.
  4. Sounds like a Mack truck

    I ordered fan clutch, fan, and water pump as a unit from rockauto, since im there and I read the very good write up for changing t-stat and t-stat housing on this forum. Unrelated to all this, but its all related right. Ive been trying to get the right speed sensor for my speedo, since 2 of the...
  5. fan clutch

    Anyone know should the radiator fan with a clutch spin freely by hand, or should it be tough to move with ones hand.
  6. Sounds like a Mack truck

    Aye, Thanks mate! Never thought about that.
  7. Sounds like a Mack truck

    Its not the death rattle by any means. It's high revs on the engine, above normal from what ive seen. It usually runs at 1500 rpm throughout the shifting (auto), now it runs 2000, and sounds like a Tractor Truck with a load in very low gear. High engine revs, little movement.
  8. Sounds like a Mack truck

    i dont think its anything that major, nothing loose. it seems to take a really long time for the tranny to shift though, it used to be normal quick, and with the high engine rev sound, the shifting is porolonged. at ide it sounds normal.
  9. Sounds like a Mack truck

    02 4.0 SOCH, sounds like a Mack truck going down the road, rpm normal running at 1500 to 2000, no speedo, shifting normal, but engine is really loud. any clues?
  10. CAI

    What bolt on stuff does anyone recommend for more power. Cold Air Intake! bigger exhaust? Any recommendations for a CAI? 02 XLT 4X4 Ranger 4.0 SOCH.
  11. Wheel question

    Im pretty sure it came with 16's too. On the door panel its list 16 as the size. I do plan on a minimal lift to allow the 235 85 to fit. Its less expensive to get new wheels than new 15" tires, my 16" are very new. I was looking in my local scrapping yard for Ranger 16's or Explorer wheels, but...
  12. Wheel question

    hey guys, i got a similar question. I also have 02 Ranger XLT 4WD, Its got 15" wheels on it now, I have new 235 85 16 tires from my broke down chevy. Id like to put these tires on new or good used wheels and put on the Ranger. I do plan a torsion leveling kit, as i was told with that the 16's...

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