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  1. n_bannerman

    Major bump steer with leaf spring sas, help

    Not sure if this should be in here or steering but I am having major bump steer with a leaf spring sas. Running a rear shackle setup with rancho 44044 spring set up spring under for a few months and have been fighting to get rid of the bump steer. Also when I corner hard it feels as if the whole...
  2. n_bannerman

    Trouble removing radius arms from d35

    Having trouble getting radius arms off of a d35 I just picked up. I've used 5 foot breaker bar with hitting the bolt with a sledge hoping that would work and also hit it time and time again with a battery powered impact. The bolts have been soaking in lots of pb blast for the last 2 days and...
  3. n_bannerman

    anyone run a welded 7.5 for dd use?

    I got my hands on a free carrier and have been thinking about welding it up. does anyone run a welded 7.5 for dd use and how do the rear shafts take the abuse? sick of doing one wheel spins front and rear when ever im in the mountains so its time to do something for the rear and this would be...
  4. n_bannerman

    Help! Removing rear blocks and have an issue!!!

    Half way point of removing the block on the rear of my truck and my u-bolts are not threaded down far enough, can I drill a larger hole in the block and run it ontop the spring pack till I can get new u-bolts? Thanks!!!! Nathan
  5. n_bannerman

    Egr delete?

    What would I need to do to delete the egr and keep my 2.3 running right? I have had 2 go out on me in 2 years.
  6. n_bannerman

    Kingpin d60

    What model and year?
  7. n_bannerman

    Kingpin d60

    What would should I look under to find one?
  8. n_bannerman

    Irok or rockers for snow?

    Looking at both the 35x14.5 15 rockers and 36x13.5 15 iroks on 10" DIY bead locks, what would be a better snow tire? I know I can fit 35's but know I would have to do some more to fit the 36's.
  9. n_bannerman

    2.3 fuel pump not working

    Have an 86 2.3 that lost power to the fuel pump or the pump died. Trying to find the fuse for the pump but can't find it, where would it be hiding? Also I replaced both pumps and filters this summer.
  10. n_bannerman

    Clutch leeks when temps is below 32 degrees.

    So been fighting a issue with my clutch when it gets cold out side. Will work perfect at 35f but below 32 I loose pressure and can't find the leak anywhere. Any ideas what to check other then keep adding fluid?
  11. n_bannerman

    Leaf slung d30, what model and year of jeep should I look at?

    The reason I was looking at doing it with leafs is $. I know an sas ain't cheap but I'm tired of fighting the d28 to get rid of the bump steer and to work properly. Around here, we mainly have toys with leaf sas's and they ride nice. I'll look into the link set up though. Also I've been running...
  12. n_bannerman

    Leaf slung d30, what model and year of jeep should I look at?

    I'm also not going for tons of flex, I'm trying to keep it under 4" of lift if I can.
  13. n_bannerman

    Leaf slung d30, what model and year of jeep should I look at?

    It's easy and simple. Other then the shock mounts and spring pads it's almost bolt on.
  14. n_bannerman

    Leaf slung d30, what model and year of jeep should I look at?

    I know everyone says d30 are crap but all I will be doing is snow wheeling and dding it. What year jeep and model should I be looking at?
  15. n_bannerman

    Recommendations for a reasonably priced impact socket set, 3/8 and 1/2"?

    What does everyone use and recommend for a good impact socket set? I got a craftsmen 19.2 volt impact gun for Christmas and need the sockets now.
  16. n_bannerman

    looking for a decent sounding system for cheap

    I a tired of listening to the shit speakers my girlfriend blew out before i bought the truck from her dad and am interested in something basic but sounds good. dont need it loud just tired out crap speakers and no sub. I do have a pioneer head unit. what would you recomend me looking at and what...
  17. n_bannerman

    86 Ranger build finaly

    So i got my 86 back in may2010 and have slowely been doing things to it. Started on 225/70R15 when i got it from my girlfriends dad then i swaped to some 235/75R15 on white steels that he had as spares then got some 31s, then 32s and now on 35s. hopefully soon it will be on a d44 and 9" if i can...
  18. n_bannerman

    86 2.3 runs fine then will randomly start miss firing and run lean

    So it started out last summer after i broke a timing belt. Once i got it running again and got the timing right it was running fine for a week then started to randomly miss fire and run really lean for no reason. not throwing any codes other then yet another o2 sensor. its been frustrating. have...
  19. n_bannerman

    EB coils

    Im looking at running EB coils on my truck for more flex but dont want to lift it. does anyone know what EB coils would be about the right height for a stock ranger?
  20. n_bannerman

    Anyone else make 35s fit with out lift? can it be done?

    I just picked up a pair of 35x13.5 baja claws and was wandering if anyone on here has been able to stuff 35s with out lift? im not scared to get the sawzall out just wandering how the clearance is at the firewall. my pickup is an 86 supercab with a slight trim to run 32s and now going for 35s.

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