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  1. JTBeast3000

    Mazda flex

  2. JTBeast3000

    Yokohama Geolander at/s

    Since I've had these for a couple weeks now I figured I'd share a bit of my experience with these tires. I purchased all new american racing atx crawl 17" wheels and chose a 265/70R17 as my tire size. My friend and local tire guy suggested these tires as an alternative to the pricier brands such...
  3. JTBeast3000

    new shoes for the mazda

    17" american racing atx crawl with 265-70R17 yokohama ats
  4. JTBeast3000

    New pics and new additons

    Here's a few shots of my two mazdas. The red one was wrecked and had recent body work and is now sporting a new paintjob. The silver one is my faithful dd with my new dual outlet flowmaster :headbang: I apologize for how filthy they are it's been raining non-stop down here! and my new...
  5. JTBeast3000

    '03 Mazda(s)

    Figured I'd share a few pics of my babies with you guys. enjoy!
  6. JTBeast3000

    hey guys

    Some of you may know me from RPS and i figured since I'm on the other ranger sites I can only benefit from joining this one! Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself!

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