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  1. AzLizard

    flat bed on a 1st or 2nd gen ranger?

    I would be interested in some ideas also. I would like to flatbed my 84 also.
  2. AzLizard

    2wd 99 b2500 rack question

    I have a leak where the pressure line attaches to the rack. I pulled it off and inside the female end at the rack is what looks like a feral that is floating in place. It was not centered,so I centered it with a pick and put it back together. It still leaking around where the tubing goes threw...
  3. AzLizard

    Svl drivetrain products?

    Looking to put 4:56s in my ranger. While pricing gear sets I found the svl line from Dana. Wondering if anyone has used them and how they hold up? Thanks.
  4. AzLizard

    Proforged TREs ?

    Anyone use these? What was your experience with them? They are claiming million miles warranty.
  5. AzLizard


  6. AzLizard

    Wanted WTB 4" Lift front coils.

    I think that is what these are.
  7. AzLizard

    Wanted WTB 4" Lift front coils.

    Sorry for the delay. I'll pm a pic after I finish my coffee.
  8. AzLizard

    Looking for a A4LD

    I have a 85 a4ld builder. And a 91 that is a good working unit from a explorer.
  9. AzLizard

    Wanted WTB 4" Lift front coils.

    I have (I think are 5inch) out of my 94 explorer.
  10. AzLizard

    Superrunner steering

    It does answer my question as to rather a f150/bronco would work. sence they told me they discontinued the ranger/explorer kits.
  11. AzLizard

    Superrunner steering

    No one else has used this kit?
  12. AzLizard

    Superrunner steering

    I think the way it's welded in is a manufacturer flaw.
  13. AzLizard

    Superrunner steering

    I put superlift superrunner steering kit on my 94 explorer after not enough miles and maybe 1 off-road trip later the TRE at the Pittman arm is working on pulling through. I'm being told they discontinued the ranger/explorer kit. Wondering if the center link from the f150/bronco Have anyone...
  14. AzLizard

    SAS With leafsprings

    Wondering if anyone has done front leaf swap instead of coils?
  15. AzLizard

    Explorer Rear End - Spider Gear Wear?

    I have a good set of side gears if your interested.
  16. AzLizard

    Pretty cool

  17. AzLizard

    94 explorer abs

    Wanting to know which line out of the master cylinder into the abs pump is for the front brakes?
  18. AzLizard

    79 f250 axles

    I'd love to have the super duty shit. But around here that Stuff isn't cheap.
  19. AzLizard

    79 f250 axles

    I have a 94 Explorer I've been plagued with steering and Brake issues here lately I have a chance at some 79 F250 3/4 ton axles for a reasonable price. I also have a corporate 14-bolt available to me which I would rather use than the 60 has anybody done these swaps in an Explorer what should I...
  20. AzLizard

    uptravel queston

    I have 94 explorer front is lifted 4-5 inches unknown brand. How much uptavel should I allow for shocks? Pretty sure it's more than 1 3/4 inches.

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