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  1. Lifted2x

    Ebay rebuilt/new heads

    Anyone used them? I might need a set for my 92 just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with them.
  2. Lifted2x

    running a little rough

    Well its been durasparked, has a 2150 that was recently rebuilt. It runs ok but at low rpms under load it will stumble and back fire throught the carb. I fixed a few vacum lines and changed the timing. That helped but its still doing it. I also wanted to know where the correct port is to connect...
  3. Lifted2x

    What went wrong?

    Well I am working on my 85 2.8, it wouldnt start one morning after running fine the night before. So i started checking a few things and found the connection of the tfi module was really messed up so i went ahead and durasparked it. I t tried to get it to start but it still sounded like the...
  4. Lifted2x

    Clutch slave problem

    I am working on a 89 ranger 4x4 super cab with th 146 trans. I put a new clutch kit in it and now the the hose fiting on the end of the master will not go into the new slave. It looks like the new one is for the same style fitting but just a little shorter. The clutch that was ordered was...
  5. Lifted2x

    Was running good, now wont start

    Well I have been driving the truck around for a while and the other morning I went to fire it up and it wont start. It sounds different while cranking and it is backfiring through the carb when you hold the throttle open. I pulled the codes and got: (Its a 85 ranger 2.8 all stock) 14 pickup...
  6. Lifted2x

    Codes, what do they mean?

    Puled the codes but dont know exactly what they mean, Its a 85 2.8 auto 4x4 all stock. Dont know if any of its worth fixing. It is getting bad mpg and doesnt idle very well. KOEO 31 EVP??? whats that? 63 TPS signal low KOER 12 Isc motor 23 TPS out of range 31 35 RPMS too low to test egr 41...
  7. Lifted2x

    A4ld wont shift

    I just got a pick up that isnt shifting right, I dont know too much about the a4ld but have been told it might be a simple fix. Its an 85 with the 2.8 4x4 if it matters. It will shift but only at high RPM's like it thinks the throttle WOT. It wont go into overdrive. Someone told me to try the...
  8. Lifted2x

    Crank but wont start

    Well I got myself involved in another mess of a truck. It is a 90 cab and engine(4.0) with a 86 frame, trans, TC and axles. It looks like the person that did the work did a good job there isnt any splices or bad wiring. But now that its all together there is something that is not working right...
  9. Lifted2x

    Vacuum Advance

    I have an 83 with the duraspark conversion but I dont have a ported vacuum for the distributor. I have the truck running on propane and I just haven't figured out what to do about the vacuum advance. I heard the holly carbs don't have a ported vaccum and just wondered what others where doing to...
  10. Lifted2x

    Toyo Koygo to M5od

    I have a 86 ranger 4x4 2.9 with the tk5 that's going out and looking for a better trans. I would like to find a m5od but it looks like there's a lot of parts involved (drive shafts, clutch hydraulic line and slave) I am just trying to find the best route to go. I dont want to spend alot of money...
  11. Lifted2x

    Still having problems runnig after warming up

    Well I have been working on my truck but I still having problems running when its war. It starts up fine when its cold and runs good for 10-15 minutes then if you slow down to idle it will die then it wont start back up. I was having problems even getting it to run for more than a few minutes...
  12. Lifted2x

    O2 Sensor wiring

    My wires melted on the exhaust and the colors of the wires don't match anyone know which ones ho where? Its an 86 It must be an aftermarket sensors because it just had but connectors on it. There is one black wire and two white ones (one has a stripe) The wiring harness has a grey with yellow...
  13. Lifted2x

    Runs good cold TFI??

    Well its a 86, and it runs pretty good when its cold but as soon as it warms up it dies then does not want to start back up. It will be running good the all the suddun it just dies or I have to hold it to the floor to keep it running. It almost feels like it is flooding out because sometimes...
  14. Lifted2x

    2.3 to 2.9

    I just bought another ranger from a friend of mine its a 86 reg cab 4x4 and it has a 2.9 in it. I was looking it over and noticed the core support emissions sticker shows it came with a 2.3 so I checked the vin and it is showing 2.3 originally my question is what all did someone have to change...
  15. Lifted2x

    Durasprk questions

    I have a 84 bronco 2 that i started doing the duraspark conversion on and i got everything in and it will start and run but i cant get get it to idle i am using a 2150 carb with the 1.08 venturis but it is off a bigger engine. It will run good at hight rpms but it just dies at lower revs unless...
  16. Lifted2x

    Evap emissions

    I have a 2002 ranger with a 2. 5 speed, 2wd. The people that i bought it from put a fuel cell in it and left all the evap lines disconected. The charcoal canister thing is gone, dont know what else might not be there. I need it to pass emissions here in oregon, just need to get the cel off so...

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