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  1. Wanted Passenger Side Rear Door (4 Door)

    Looking for a passenger rear door in black in good condition. Mine is a little too far beyond repair. I have a 2004 edge supercab 4x4. Thanks! I'm located in central NJ but willing to drive a fair amount to pick up a clean one,
  2. Rusty Seat bolts will NOT come out, no matter what I do

    Just had to do this. Heat the shit out of it from the bottom of the car. The bolts are exposed through the cab floor. I heated it for about 3 minutes and then sprayed it with rust penetrative. Torx on a breaker bar and got it to break loose. A pain but was able to get it. If the head is messed...
  3. KYB Shock Install Question

    Thank you! much appreciated.
  4. KYB Shock Install Question

    Gotcha, had a jack stand on the jack point on the lower arm during install but will check it again with the tire on. Thanks
  5. KYB Shock Install Question

    Thanks for the quick response. So then this looks right? Just add the second nut?
  6. KYB Shock Install Question

    Hey guys, just a quick question about the installation of the KYB gas adjust shocks. The instructions are pretty useless. Most other shocks i see have a built in nut to hold onto for removal while this one does not. The kit comes with two nuts as seen below. Am i correct to assume that a nut...
  7. Is this a non AC model?

    Thank you all for the quick replies and confirming for me. I searched around for a AC DIY install but it seems to be a little too much of a process so I'll probably just be listing it for sale. I'd keep it but i really want the super cab and AC. What do you think a fair price would be? It's a...
  8. Is this a non AC model?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here. Just acquired a 1998 Ford Ranger 2.5L 5spd. Great little truck. I think i'm pretty sure i already know the answer but figured i'd confirm it here. Is this a non AC model? The truck was given to me and while performing some maintenance, there doesn't seem to be a...

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