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  1. Solved: 01 ranger Intermittent high idle in park or while at stoplight-2 different rangers- 3.0 -may be a ranger pattern

    I bought and had installed a new pigtail do you think that one is not soldered also ? is there a chance a new part/pigtail is better/soldered ? or you think still crimped?
  2. AC vacuum frustration

    Was it fixed? You never did a final comment about whether or not the new compressor definitely fixed your issue
  3. Not sure what i should do with my 5r55e

    How'd you make out ?
  4. '00 Ranger 3.0 - Hesitation/buck at freeway speeds

    Get your MAF yet?
  5. High mileage auto tranny - change fluid and filter or leave alone?

    Def drop pan and do new filter and gasket, and around four quarts, get the rubber type gasket nothing else.....a clogged filter will cause major issues, overheating, hard shifts.....key is to be very clean when doing the job....have you ever seen some of the holes in the valve body plate that...
  6. Do I need to drain coolant to replace ECT sensor ?

    And do i use Teflon tape ? Thanks
  7. 2.3L ('83-'97) Runs rough on cold start

    Maybe not firing all cylinders properly, not burning gas properly, you've tried a lot of related things already, like i said, just brainstorming......maybe Ron D will chime in, he has the best knowledge
  8. 2.3L ('83-'97) Runs rough on cold start

    Coil? Coil pigtail? Just brainstorming
  9. Replacing blower fan resistors

    I take out the cruise control assembly(remove large pigtail) it's one bolt, well, i remove bolt and set assembly aside it will be tethered by a cable, then remove the wwiper fluid and coolant reservoirs, have to remove air filter box to get to one coolant reservoir bolt (unplug MAF sensor first...
  10. 01 Ranger ac not cooling fully

    What was your outcome? Did you fix it?
  11. Blower Motor Resistor Issue

    So how did this resolve?
  12. 2007 Ranger : Climate fan speed issue

    Did you fix it ? Change the blower motor resistor, if that doesn't work, change the pigtail connector for the resistor,splice, 3 wires.......the job is easiest if you remove the windshield wiper reservoir (and pigtail) and coolant reservoir, need to remove air filter box for getting to the final...
  13. Solved: 01 ranger Intermittent high idle in park or while at stoplight-2 different rangers- 3.0 -may be a ranger pattern

    Just an update....with toothpick wedged no high idle jump for a few weeks, then one day it went high, i pulled over, removed toothpick, nudged the wire a hair, the idle went down, inserted toothpick, everything good, had the pigtail replaced a few days later, been perfect since
  14. Make a final comment on your post if you fix something, don't disappear

    If the last thing you do fixes your problem and then you disappear/ don't comment on it, it leaves everyone hanging whos invested in your post as to what happened but more importantly you're potentially withholding the most important info related to the fix from future viewers. ........if you...
  15. 3.0 overheating at highway speeds

    Let us know if you resolve it, do a final comment please
  16. Need help, can't disconnect this fuel line.

    Let us know how you made/make out......do a finishing reply/comment
  17. Anybody familiar with this large fitting on p/s pump?

    Please do a follow up /finishing reply/comment if you resolve it, w a few details etc thx
  18. What is this part?

    Your vacuum line broke, probably got hot and brittle...go to auto parts store look for pack of rubber tubing pieces, find right diameter,cut a piece to one inch long, stick broken ends of vacuum line snugly into each end of rubber tube, you're done.......make sure the vac line snugly goes into...
  19. 4.0 leak in thermostat housing again! smh...

    Damn im kinda glad i have a 3.0, my thermostat change out IS 2 bolts and a beer lol
  20. Not sure what i should do with my 5r55e

    All you have to do is click on it, theres like 50 pages of great ford tranny info.....problems,info,fixes, etc

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