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  1. For Sale SOLD 94 4.0 ranger w/ 4x4 -Kansas City, MO

    Starts, runs, and drives. previous owner put in: new brakes, e-brake, suspension, clutch, master and slave cylinder. shifts hard in 1st and 2nd. very nice flatbed made with composite decking. 5 digit odometer has rolled over. decent 31x10.5 tires $3,000 OBO. Most of the value comes from the...
  2. Air Inlet Duct

    I guess what I meant by stock was just for something normal haha. should I just go to Home Depot and do my best?
  3. Air Inlet Duct

    Im having a hell of a time trying to find a new air inlet duct to buy online or from any auto parts store for my 94, everyone trying to sell me performance cold air intakes. All I want is the stock. Anyone have any suggestions of where to look? Or should I go for eBay/pull yard? Or duct tape? Lol
  4. Really goopy radiator

    It is a manual Good idea, I’ll add those things to my list.
  5. Really goopy radiator

    So far my track record for dodging bullets isn’t so good, I’m feeling like a sucker currently lol. I’ll start with some thorough flushes and go from there. My 2.3 L ranger also never had any milkshake when it had a cracked head, so I’m for sure not ruling it out as a possibility with this one
  6. Swapping power windows/locks to manual

    i will give that a shot when I get the chance, thank you everybody for the replies!
  7. Really goopy radiator

    A flush is definitely first on my list, I was going to just use distilled water but I will get the Prestone flush instead.
  8. Really goopy radiator

    Picked up this 94 4.0 a couple days ago and just now had the time to take a good look under the hood, on a scale of 1 to 10 how concerned do y’all think I should be about a cracked head/blown head gasket just based on this chronically dirty radiator… oil looks good and no white smoke out the...
  9. Swapping power windows/locks to manual

    Well the existing locks don’t even work as manual locks either haha. They’re permanently unlocked as far as I can tell, that’s why I’m wondering if I should just get a whole different set of doors. Ive been trying to find something helpful on YouTube but haven’t had much success
  10. Swapping power windows/locks to manual

    Howdy, today I picked up a 94 ranger that has power windows and powers locks. The locks don’t lock, even with the key. And the power windows are ass. Im wanting to swap to manual locks and crank windows. Should i bother with trying to swap those things on the existing doors? Or would it be...
  11. 2.3L ('83-'97) I’m a dummy and broke a bolt

    I think that may be most likely? It’s threaded all the way in, but broke exactly in half. Everything else is in place and I haven’t noticed any issue driving it all week so I’m thinking it’s okay
  12. 2.3L ('83-'97) 94 ranger, reading cold and rough idle

    A bit earlier I looked at the thermostat housing and discovered that the new gasket I put on on Sunday is completely toasted. It was one that was in my fel-pro head gasket kit. I just picked up a new gasket along with a coolant temp sensor and yet another new thermostat
  13. 2.3L ('83-'97) 94 ranger, reading cold and rough idle

    Agreed! I am an inexperienced DIY mechanic and this has been a great source of info
  14. 2.3L ('83-'97) 94 ranger, reading cold and rough idle

    Not sure if anyone is paying attention to this anymore but just to update I got a new cylinder head on and everything clean and put back together! It’s runnin like a top now. Though after all that it’s still either running cold or the temp gauge isnt reading right lol
  15. 2.3L ('83-'97) I’m a dummy and broke a bolt

    I took out a 10 mm bolt while taking out my crankshaft sensor thinking it was part of it. When I realized it wasn’t I set off to the side and decided to worry about it later. I went to put it in just now and broke it in half. Didnt think I was puttin that much torque on it but I guess it was...
  16. 2.3L ('83-'97) 94 ranger, reading cold and rough idle

    Well, I’ve finally got some results. The head gasket isn’t blown but I’ve got a crack. And gasket for lower intake manifold is busted
  17. 2.3L ('83-'97) 94 ranger, reading cold and rough idle

    It seems like he’s got a lot of good knowledge to share. and yeah it stinks but I’m not too bummed about it. I’m looking at it as an opportunity to look for anything else that might need replacing while I’m at it lol. Thanks for the tip and all your helpful responses!
  18. 2.3L ('83-'97) 94 ranger, reading cold and rough idle

    I happened to find a reply from @RonD for something similar. It’s gotta be head gasket.

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