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  1. Mazda B4000 brake fittings

    I hear what you are saying there Uncle Gump. If this one has gone, then the others are probably on the way too. We just happen to have a long weekend next weekend so I might do a bit of a project with brake lines on the Sat. Thanks for the answers
  2. Mazda B4000 brake fittings

    I find that the rear brake line on my 1994 B4000 has sprung a leak. Of course it is in the tube that runs in the frame that connects to the junction above the diff. Anyone have any experience with this repair? I am guessing that if you undo the connection before the rubber hose at the junction...
  3. What is this connector for?

    I have a 1994 Mazda B4000. I can't find anything to tell me what this underdash connector is for. It seems to be labeled ATS. I'm sure someone on here knows exactly what is for.
  4. Mass air flow sensor and more

    Here is my trouble. I have a 1994 B4000 4X4. On the way home the truck died. It idles but when you give it gas the revs drop off.It was diagnosed as a bad mass air flow sensor.I purchased a brand new mass air flow sensor and installed that, testing the wiring at the connection as well. Ground...

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