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  1. 83 ranger a/c question

    Thanks for the reply. Your right . In order to use a different condensor, I would have to have custom hoses. Also I will look into the Taurus fan. Just worried about my 60 Amp alternator . Thanks
  2. 83 ranger a/c question

    I said evaporator but meant condensor is very inefficient
  3. 83 ranger a/c question

    Ok. So I finally got my ac working . Pag oil and r134. Heater hoses valved off. Works great going down the highway , but not so good going slow or stopped. I know my evaporator is very inefficient and my cheap ass electric fan keeps blowing fuses. Any body got ideas on a better fan, maybe one...
  4. 83 ranger a/c question

    No. I don't think so
  5. 83 ranger a/c question

    That's good information. Thank you
  6. 83 ranger a/c question

    Did you just put a valve in the heater hose and if so which one ? In other words , which hose is the inlet hose ?
  7. 83 ranger a/c question

    Wow. Those are the first views I have seen of all that. And I have searched to the end of the internet. Thank you ! Very helpful
  8. 83 ranger a/c question

    My truck is a diesel that I have completely restored and is my daily driver. If it weren't for that I wouldn't go to the trouble to put air on it. Thanks again everyone
  9. 83 ranger a/c question

    I am gonna try mine like it is. Haven't gotten everything put on it yet. If I am unsatisfied, I will change the box under the dash. Thanks to everyone who has responded. Very helpful
  10. 83 ranger a/c question

    Is that door cable operated or vacuum ? I'm assuming it's cable from the vent on - off slider. Thanks for your help. Very much appreciated
  11. 83 ranger a/c question

    Ok. Thanks
  12. 83 ranger a/c question

    That's right. My 83 has no vent " on - off" slider. Looks just like the one above
  13. 83 ranger a/c question

    No. I only swapped the box under the hood that contains the evaporator. Some post I read said that's all I needed, but I think you are correct about the inside box
  14. 83 ranger a/c question

    I have an 83 ranger that I am adding a/c to. This truck came without air. I am using parts from an 88 ranger and all seems to be gonna work. I have gotten the dash hvac control from the 88 , but it has a cable operated switch to either turn vent on or off (max a/c). My 83 doesn't have this and...

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