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  1. Toreadorranger

    88 F250 Diesel Crawler

    Picked up a new truck from a friend at work. 1988 F250 7.3L non turbo diesel, 5 speed. Its a TTB front end truck with a sterling 10.25 rear. I hate TTB with a passion, front right tire is already wearing crazy while the other 3 are perfect. TTB is not worth the effort to keep in good...
  2. Toreadorranger

    79 ford 150 axle width

    Lug patterns can be changed on the rear without wheel spacers but it would require you to get new shafts made with the bigger axle flange. you could run the front axle full width with a set of high BS wheels to suck the tires under the truck and run a rear Fullsize 8.8 to match lug patterns and...
  3. Toreadorranger

    Rangekrawler....the not much ranger build

    My old build thread is way past its prime and for those that have seen my project know I have changed my mind and the build a million times. I have recently pulled it out of storage and I'm excited to get working on it again. Im not going to rehash all the previous iterations as the old...
  4. Toreadorranger

    dana 44 question

    Skip the ballistic fab brackets and find a company who makes them who isnt a pile of crap.
  5. Toreadorranger

    hybrid front axle Ford8.8/Dana30

    no axle seals in that front end?
  6. Toreadorranger

    straight axle swap

    I know they 70 your refering too. I wouldnt use one because they have very limited ratio's in the HP 70 and they are also $$$$. I can build a d70 for less then buying one of those anyways and use all my 60 parts minus the gears and locker. Im not worried about breaking the 300m RCV shafts...
  7. Toreadorranger

    straight axle swap

    No such thing, if my front 60 doesnt hold up a custom 70 or 14 bolt front will be my next axle. Plus 14 bolt fronts are the new thing. So a 70 front would be awesome, plus with a simple trim it will have the same clearance as a 60.
  8. Toreadorranger

    straight axle swap

    Sell it and buy a 60, your way over thinking this. I sold a front Ford 60 2 months ago for $450. They are out there.
  9. Toreadorranger

    rear dana 35 jeep axle swap questions

    If your paying more then nothing for the D35 your being ripped off. But to answer your question. No it will not bolt into your B2/ranger. The D35 is about the same strength as the Ford 7.5", they have very similar specs. Just pickup a ranger or explorer 8.8. The explorer 8.8 is obviously the...
  10. Toreadorranger

    Dana 50 ifs from F250

    From reading in that jeep thread it seems they are close in length just the mounting points are different which is why people think it is so much shorter.
  11. Toreadorranger

    Dana 50 ifs from F250

    http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=829346 Read that. Then do the same thing but in the back.
  12. Toreadorranger

    how good are dana 44 and 9"

    Just a heads up the Early Bronco never came with a 31 spline 9".
  13. Toreadorranger

    77 F150 D44 and 9" ?

    He likes coils he doesnt like hes stuck with radius arms. the 76-77 axles have removeable wedges. They were just welded on so they are a good axle to use cause of the HP and the suspension options available.
  14. Toreadorranger

    2000 Ranger SAS

    good thing you dug up this old thread to tell him that.
  15. Toreadorranger

    waggy d44 from leaf sprung to coil sprung?

    Im in the process of using 14" travel Fox 2.0 coilovers with a 86 NT Waggy Axle, with parrallel 3 link. Coils overs will give any amount of lift you want. It comes down to your mounts and coil rates. Im shooting for very low lift which is proving difficult as Im running into clearance...
  16. Toreadorranger

    D44 from IH Scout

    its a passenger side drop axle
  17. Toreadorranger

    Jeep dana 30 i want the best

    Just about anything from that era of jeeps is going to be passanger side drop. You need to look for a 1980 or newer Jeep axle for it to be drivers drop.
  18. Toreadorranger

    Jeep dana 30 i want the best

    Passenger drop wont work with your stock drivetrain setup.
  19. Toreadorranger

    dana 30?

  20. Toreadorranger

    d44 vs d30?

    I would like to see all these broken LP44 gearsets.

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