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  1. Troubles with my ranger

    I i got a bare block with no pumps or anything and an intake from a carbureted boat with carb to match
  2. Troubles with my ranger

    I was not going to use the stock computer I was gonna get a msd ignition and just mainly wanted to know what wires coming from the dash cluster ran my gauges and would my alternator get hooked up to my msd ign or the wires for the dash cluster or are all the cluster wires hooked to the brain or...
  3. Troubles with my ranger

    Well I think it’s a 5.0 from a 94 or so mustang and no doner vehicle I rebuilt this with my uncle from the ground up bored it 30 over and i am putting it in a 1997 4.0 4x4 that I just pulled the motor out of I know I have to change fuel pressure with a regulator and I know I’ll have to make new...
  4. Troubles with my ranger

    I have searched YouTube and sill am having a hard time finding any
  5. Troubles with my ranger

    I was wondering if anyone had a in depth video of a 5.0 carbureted motor installation I really want to make my gauges work on my dash but I’m not good with wiring just kinda jumping into this build but I have worked on many cars just never did any type of motor swap and never seen anyone do it...

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