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  1. Fuel Tank vent valve

    Hi, Has anyone replaced their fuel tank valve on trucks similar to 1994 Ranger 4.0 XLT. Mine has part F27A-9B593-DA. I am unsure if it is bad or not. There is never a hiss when I remove the gas cap which may indicate that there is an opening to air from the fuel tank. I get fuel smell by...
  2. Bad Coil Pack on 1994 Ranger 4.0?

    Hi, I have been chasing this issue for a few months. Truck seems to be misfiring. I tested the coil pack with ohmmeter and it is within spec. I understand that this is a "Waste" coil pack as each spark plug fires at compression and exhaust strokes. Most times, the timing gun shows some...
  3. 94 Ranger suddenly blows out refrigerant

    Hi, This is my first post. I have been struggling with this issue all summer. I have replaced the following components on my inherited 94 Ranger XLT 4.0 RWD: Accumulator Evaporator Orifice tube Low pressure switch Low pressure hose High pressure hose Condenser Parts not replaced: Compressor...
  4. Hi from Roanoke, TX

    Hi, I just inherited a 94 Ranger XLT 4.0 RWD. I have found very good information to restore my dad's truck to the way it used to be. Thanks.

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