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  1. Remember the GMC Syclone? I want to build a Ranger version.

    That kit is no longer in production over at RPS. If he can find committed individuals and they pay up front he has stated he will do a run of them. I think he had trouble with people saying they wanted them and then backing out when it was time to exchange funds. So options are the 12" sport...
  2. Cheapskate Lowering

    What are blocks going to do without flipping your rear? Putting the torch on leaf springs isn't the safest idea, I'm not sure I would recommend that to anybody.
  3. Ride quality of a 2/2 drop

    I did a 2/4 drop - cut springs and flip and I can't really tell a difference. I did trim my bumpstops like was stated above though.
  4. Remember the GMC Syclone? I want to build a Ranger version.

    I don't think it would be that hard. Like was said before the awd explorer drivetrain but to me to be modeled after the gm version it would need a turbo v6 or maybe the 3.8l tbird sc motor which is far from bolt in. The 4.0l was a factory option so that's what I'd go with. After thinking...
  5. Cheapskate Lowering

    I spent $30 on a used flip kit and took a coil and a half off my springs to get a 2/4. The rear sits around 3/4 to an inch low but it doesn't look that bad. This is about as cheap as you can get without butchering something. I will do beams in the future. My ride didn't get that bad at all...
  6. What are used 3.73's worth?

    I am looking for a used trac loc for my 7.5" rear and see a couple around with gear sets included. So I'm thinking I might be able to offset my cost a little if I get a set with gears and then sell the gears. So, what are used 3.73 gear sets for a 7.5" rear going for?
  7. Need help with wheel choice I have never seen yet

    I have a 93 short bed standard cab and am interested in seeing what a set of either 93 cobra wheels or 94/95 thunderbird wheels would look like on a ranger. I found 17" replicas for the Tbird but they are a different bolt pattern and the cobra versions I think are 16" and four lug. I will...
  8. Aerostar parts

    It seems to me that this has probably been discussed to death but I have been searching for around an hour and can't find what I am looking for. I have access to an early 90's? Aerostar. Not exactly sure on the year. Will any of the parts work on my '93 ranger? A/C system, rear, seats...
  9. Couple of questions on lowering/leveling a '93

    I've got a '93 standard cab shortie and want to flip the rear hangers to level the truck out. Are there any bolt in shackles out there that will give me an extra inch lower with the hanger flip? Also, I read in another thread that explorer front coil springs sat an inch lower in the front than...
  10. Bolt in trac loc rear for '93 ranger

    I just picked up a 1993 ranger standard cab short bed and from what I can tell it has the 7.5" rear with 3.24 open diff from the looks of the one rear tire. What ranger or explorer came with a BOLT IN rear with a trac loc and 3.55 or 3.73:1 gears. Even 3.27's are fine. I thought the '93 up...
  11. IRS swap questions

    I am considering an irs swap from a thunderbird or mark viii. From what I can gather it is 62.75 or 63" wide. A ranger rear axle is 56.5" wide. Is there room under there. I do not want to add fender flares. Any ideas or know anyone who has done this? Pictures, I couldn't find much when I...

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