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  1. Bilstein 7100

    Pulled the trigger on some Bilstein 7100s. Short bodies with 10” travel on the 4 corners and 255/70 valving. Clearances look good with the exception of the passenger front brake hose. I’m afraid off road with full flex it would get caught under the reservoir. Considering either a longer brake...
  2. Wanted 2.3 turbo head

    Disregard. Going to do cam swap. Mods- feel free to delete post as I don't see a way to do it myself.
  3. Wanted 2.3 turbo head

    Looking for a turbo coupe cylinder head that already has the ranger roller cam and supporting hardware installed. Figured I would try and find a unit that's already done before tearing mine down.
  4. Indianapolis, IN. Theres a chance I might need a new head. The valve train makes quite a bit of...

    Indianapolis, IN. Theres a chance I might need a new head. The valve train makes quite a bit of racket when running...at least thats what I think it is but wouldn't mind a second opinion.
  5. 1354 BW transfer case

    Veeerrryyyy good chance of that. Wonder if those pieces are serviceable without taking the whole TC apart.
  6. All 3 of those engines good?

    All 3 of those engines good?
  7. Turbo deezol ranger

    in that case, 10/10 would hoon
  8. Turbo deezol ranger

    Assuming its not rusted to hell from sitting in a field on a farm, I'd offer $1k and slap a turbo on it!
  9. Rusty Ranger Danger

    Find a junked late 80's ford with the 2.3T and start the swap!
  10. 1991 SAS w/2.3 turbo

    Thats some solid knowledge RonD. Least of my worries at the moment but I will certainly refer back to this when the time is right!
  11. 1354 BW transfer case

    Shifting from 2wd to 4hi is like butter...only too smooth. I tried to embed a video of me moving the linkage between the 2 settings but not certain it will work. Looks like one ear broke off of the transfer case shifter arm linkage bushing and I am having difficult time tracking down a part...
  12. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    ‘88 turbo coupe. Nothing fancy done but would like to fix a bunch of small things to make it more bulletproof
  13. 1991 SAS w/2.3 turbo

    I haven't pulled the pump out since its a PITA (pain in the ass) to get to but the guage constantly reads full. Guess the float/arm got stuck in the up position when i came down from a rock wall. All i know now is i have to refill every 150 miles hahah.
  14. Rusty Ranger Danger

    Noice! Will this be a resto or a restomod??
  15. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Ordered guage pod for a 2nd gen to install on my first gen so boost and oil pressure isn't rolling around on the dash anymore.
  16. 1991 SAS w/2.3 turbo

    I am not trying to re-invent the wheel here and haven't found any solid answers through the web. What FMIC do people run in their first gen? Sure the '88 TC IC works, but I would like to go with a front mount and utilize the blow off valve I have on the shelf. While we are at it, I could use a...

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