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  1. 4.6 ranger?

    that is a good deal I'm about that into mine and its no where near done yet but seeing that add made me think of an old thread I read years ago before I joined the forum cool find https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/4-6-swap-tutorial.139482/
  2. Going full circle

    sounds like a solid plan only things i can advise are do the rear main seal well its out and take the clutch fan off that way its not in the way, also less likely to brake it wish you luck I'm looking forward to seeing it
  3. Going full circle

    Hi so just went out and measured mine its 8 feet to the chain the leveler was on the 4.6 to help level it a bit when making the custom mounts fit. didn't go into any head bolts honestly don't remember what I hooked on pullet it out of the vic did it on august 1 2021 and put in the ranger October...
  4. Going full circle

    I like your engine lift built one like it 3 ish years ago I got a chain off a old tow truck rapped around the top, my come along has a hook so I just take it off when not in use. it's still sitting in front of my garage have pulled 7 engines with it just tighten the lag bolts before every use...
  5. Tdi in 90s ranger

    I'm looking at doing this in my 1992 5 speed truck what rear gear ratio are you running and what kind of mpg? i'm mainly going to do highway cruising so about 75 mph ( 120 km) just trying to figure some details out before its to late. Thanks
  6. 1991 ranger 4.6 swap

    the tow rope is so the hood stays on in the wind cant get a good pic under the hood with the engine rapped up in a bag but will take one when I get back to the project
  7. 1991 ranger 4.6 swap

    it fits i have it on just don't have a pic has about1/2 inch to 1 inch if you take the insulation off haven't cut the support. Im going to put a 82 fox body hood scoop on it don't need to but I like the way they look on theses truck I got one on my 88 ranger with 89 front clip. Ill run out and...
  8. 1991 ranger 4.6 swap

    Hi so I posted on a different thread that mentioned a 4.6 the other day and was recommend by a member to start a thread of my build. so here it is I haven't touched it cents spring time its a 1991 was a 2.9 auto truck the donor car was a 2003 ex under cover cop. I used ford e250 motor mounts...
  9. how do i post pics and videos

    had to re size lets hope it work
  10. how do i post pics and videos

    as the title says do i have to do anything to files to make them work thanks in advance
  11. Can a 4.6 fit in a 1987 ramger

    you guy's aren't wrong its not the best choice but i did it in a 91 extended cab i used a 03 crown vic drive train its still a work in progress got it to run i have a video of it running its not pretty no exhaust manifolds but it fits not bad even clears the hood. i used e250 motor mounts and...
  12. My 04 single cab

    looks awesome. What type of abrasive disks did you use to do your grinding?
  13. My 04 single cab

    Ive liked the look of the frenched ranger tailgate ever scene I first saw it in mini truck magazine its going to look amazing when its done
  14. 99 2wd 5.0 Swap parts

    Hi what year is your transmission because they changed the plug and the length of the sensor when they changed the drum inside that they read
  15. Shift lever on 4r70w

    Yes completely forgot the roll pin my bad
  16. Shift lever on 4r70w

    Hi so if my memory is correct pull the pan off and you undo 3 bolts and a nut then you can flip the lever not 100% been about 2 years sense I did my 99 also check your bracket that bolts to the bellhousing that the cable slides into ran into that not letting my cable reach all the way. hope...
  17. one wire alternator hook ups

    Hi I have been running a gmc 10 s alternator for about 3 year in my 88 I got one with a self exciting module in it so i only have one wire running to the battery solenoid on the fender. only con i have with it is I have to rev my engine to 1000-1200 rpm to excite it other then that full voltage...
  18. 99 2wd 5.0 Swap parts

    hit a limiter at 30 mph and basically did what seamed like a ignition cut. but did work if I unplugged the output speed sensor that lead me to do more reading on the tranny's so its just easier to get the right tranny in the first place. currently have a 99 f150 4.2 tranny in it..
  19. 99 2wd 5.0 Swap parts

    yes it will work as long as its pre 2004 they changer the output speed sensor and the drum that it reads internally (i made that mistake on my 99 swap) hope that helps
  20. transmission problems with my 2000 ranger v8 swap

    just for my curiosity have you tried un plugging the out put shaft speed sensor and tried driving it?

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