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  1. 2.3l Lima turbo kits

    Boo well thats unfortunate. Yeah id love that but that would take over 4 years of saving to come up with. I dont make that much money lol. Well I guess piece by piece it is than. Thank you franklin.
  2. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Drove to work as well :headbang:
  3. 2.5L ('98-'01) 2000 ford ranger 2.5l engine problems

    Just a update for anyone that comes across this. It seems after shimming my hood by using washers where the hood attaches to the arms, and removing that seal at the top of the engine compartment worked to fix everything for the most part unless I gun it or rev it hard, than I get a very brief 5...
  4. Rangers from PNW

    Welcome fawks. Look forward to seeing the build!
  5. 2.3l Lima turbo kits

    Anyone have a good link for a usable turbo kit. All the ones I've found are from very old outdated posts and no longer work. Doesn't have to have the pistons and rods, but everything else would be awesome, or as close to everything. I have a 96 model so, if I'm understanding correctly, I need to...
  6. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Yeah I'm gonna try running higher octane or atleast a booster see if that helps as well
  7. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    I tried this and removing the seal, shit not only worked but my truck for the first time ever drove all the way to work flawlessly! Not even a hiccup!
  8. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    So I tried jumping the wires to bypass switch and see what happens, Still does it when I open the door only. Cant find a sensor in the door though and the wires don't go into the door so im confused. Not a big deal though it doesn't affect the running of vehicle at all. Im curious if maybe an...
  9. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Well, I pulled another manifold as suggested, looks like it had a new eeg on it, dropped fuel tank cleaned it up and retightened tank lid, all codes are gone now aside from the bank 1 sensor 2 code, which I have no bank 2 sensor since I had to flex pipe all the way back, old exhaust was...
  10. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    By bolts you mean the two that connect to the rest of the exhaust? And by two, I now mean one since one just snapped off halfway tight 🤣🤣 looks like someone did a very poor job but welded the bolts on to the manifold, and by weld, I mean a massive tumor on each one 🤣 i forgot i have another...
  11. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Yeah 1/8 drill hole at each end and v Grove down the crack like it said. And well, cheaper than trying to come up with money for a manifold on the spot. This is my DD so I have to make do with what I can afford while making sure it still moves. 6.99 was what I had compared to the price of...
  12. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Im not home but i Think its called quick max or something like that, essentially a liquid weld i packed into the crack and than layered a 1/4 in thick Over it and shaped it to conform to the manifold. Says it can be sanded drilled tapped Yada Yada after curing, designed for cracks on manifolds...
  13. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Yeah I've never had issues with my intake temp, I monitor it directly from the obd system using the intake temp sensor. I left the stock bottom portion of intake in, its below the cai filter, so that helps while In motion, but im gonna run a tube like you are from under the fender and help push...
  14. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/2000-ford-ranger-2-5l-engine-problems.189635/#post-1791343 link to the nine problem. Not sure if I mentioned it in the post because noone else has commented but there is a significant difference in how the truck runs no hood versus hood...
  15. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Thats badness! And yeah I did like 2 -3 days ago. Only two people responded, one was somewhat helpful in things I hadn't tried but with expected results, rest was already tried, other one was not useful in any way to the problem at hand.
  16. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Lol well noones been able to provide me a useful idea for whats going on with my ranger whether on here or at shops, just irrelevant or already tried ones aside from one tom had, and my ranger seems to run better with the hood off, so I need to find a way to keep the hood on but make it seem...
  17. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Ok I will just go that route than. I put my hood back on and drove to work tonight and my truck clearly didn't like that because it made it run worse, but I don't wanna be driving around florida with no hood on, one random rain storm out of nowhere and down goes the ranger.
  18. Ranger and mustand hoods compatible?

    Anyone know if the ford mustang and ford ranger hoods are compatible at all? I've seen some people just modifying there ranger hoods themselves, but curious if there's a easier way by just swapping the whole hood with a mustang hood.
  19. 2.5L ('98-'01) 2000 ford ranger 2.5l engine problems

    Its that big hose going to the side of the throttle body. My old ranger that nob sticking out was capped off and the hose went to air intake, but for some reason this one was the opposite. Intake that was on it was rotted to crap so I used a intake tube I had laying around collecting dust lol...

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