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  1. 05 Ranger TDI conversion

    Thanks for the info. I do have one more question please, I have a BHW ready to install in my 05 Sport Trac with the 4 litre engine, do you know where I can get an adaptor for the 5R55E transmission? Thanks in advance.
  2. TDI Ranger Build

    Hi Greengeeker, thanks for all the useful information on this swap. I am about to start a TDI swap on an Explorer Sport Trac and this post is so helpful. I know you have been asked so many times but did you get the adaptors ready to sell? Thanks again.
  3. 05 Ranger TDI conversion

    Beautiful build, question sir, I am about to start a swap myself and was wondering, do you just cut out what you don't need out of the Ranger wiring harness? Thanks

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