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  1. M5R1 to M5R4 swap

    Good to know info about the speedometer hookup. Thanks for the quick responses
  2. M5R1 to M5R4 swap

    I have a 93 Ranger 4.0 with an old worn out trans. Rather than having mine rebuilt I'm looking at putting in a reman. trans. I've found a couple of sources, with RockAuto having the M5R1 Also Powertrain products has one for my application. Does Powertrain put out a good transmission? Also I...
  3. 93 4.0 PCV valve

    Well I learned something today. That 90 degree elbow will come off so you can use the straight line coming out the top. The person I spoke to at NAPA was unaware that the elbow was able to come off without breaking it. Now I know (y)
  4. 93 4.0 PCV valve

    Or does anyone have a part number for an old style pvc valve that will work?
  5. 93 4.0 PCV valve

    I need to replace my pcv valve, but the only one available from Any of the parts suppliers has two lines coming off at a 90 degree elbow. How are you supposed to connect that without kinking the line? Do you just have to run a long enough hose to ensure it doesn't kink?
  6. No Clutch

    When investigating the line to my slave cylinder today, I found the line missing the sleeve that goes on the hose end. Had to go to four different parts stores to find the correct slave cylinder that has a clip on the slave cylinder. All I needed the slave cylinder for was for the plastic...
  7. No Clutch

    Thank you as well Scott (y)
  8. No Clutch

    Appreciate the info Ron. You probably just saved me some money. I had the the truck towed to this shop that replaced the slave cylinder last time. The truck is sitting outside the shop since they said they wouldn't be able to check it out til Monday. I will go over tomorrow, since it's cold and...
  9. No Clutch

    My reservoir was low but not empty. Being that I had the slave cylinder replaced just 14 months ago. Installed a Perfection slave cylinder purchased from Summit. Just trying to get any thoughts on what it could be other than the slave cylinder itself.
  10. No Clutch

    I have a 93 Ranger 4.0 with 5 speed transmission. I was driving along and I was shifting from second to third gear when my clutch pedal went down, but it was stiffer than normal. Not like it went all the way to the floor and the pedal would not come back up. I was concerned about getting off the...
  11. Regular cab versus Supercab

    Gotcha. I need to replace my drivers door on my 93 Supercab after getting run into. There are a lot more regular cab trucks in the junk yard.
  12. Regular cab versus Supercab

    Are the doors interchangeable between regular and Supercab?
  13. Cruise control not working

    I was involved in a accident recently where they hit my left side of the cab and drivers door. Both were pushed in several inches. Since then I have a problem with my parking brake, (hard to engage) and my cruise control is not working. I can understand the parking brake problem. Could the...
  14. Conventional to Synthetic switch

    I have been using the Valvoline High Mileage Syn Blend for over 5 years with no signs of leaks. My truck wasn't an everyday driver for the past 10 years until the past month when I sold my everyday driver and bought a 72 Cutlass. Now my Ranger is my everyday driver. I've had good luck with the...
  15. Conventional to Synthetic switch

    I have a 93 4.0 with just over 185,000 miles. Don't know where I heard it but heard years ago that it's not a good idea to switch from conventional oil to synthetic because of seals. I have been using a synthetic blend high mileage for quite some time. Is it true that there could be a problem...

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