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  1. DisturbedMXer8

    Mystery Sensor?

    Can anyone tell me which sensor is the one that is threaded into the side of the intake manifold? On my 88 2.9, it's threaded into the passenger side of the middle intake runner. Can anyone identify this for me? Tried to find pics but haven't had any luck.
  2. DisturbedMXer8

    Strange High Idle, some advice needed...

    Okay guys, so my 88 2.9 decided to start idling high about a week or two ago (right around the same time that mornings started to hit the low 30's when I leave for work). As soon as it's fully warmed up, she normally idles perfect, dead at 800 RPM. Now, as soon as it's warmed up, she's idling at...
  3. DisturbedMXer8

    Orange/LA County areas, SoCal

    I'd like to see how many members we have in these areas. I see Rangers EVERYWHERE, no matter where I go or when, so there have to be a few of us around here. I'd like to find out where everyone is, and maybe organize a few meets or something. Never been to a Ranger meet, myself, and I'd really...
  4. DisturbedMXer8

    1988 Ranger XLT 2.9L 2wd A4LD - Transmission Vacuum Modulator

    I recently discovered that the vacuum modulator on my trans is leaking fluid into my intake, so I decided to buy one and change it. Well, I noticed that it's kinda tricky to get to on my truck (the cat. converter blocks easy access), and that Autozone offers two different ones for my truck: Blue...
  5. DisturbedMXer8

    Dash discoloration

    Over the years, my Tan dash has started to discolor and turn dark brown right by the far left hand vent, exactly where the sun shines through and bakes there every day. It's definitely due to the sun, because it's colored along the line of my carpet dash cover, which you can see is still fine...
  6. DisturbedMXer8

    My door has a gap at the top (like bad camber), how should I fix this?

    So, a long time ago, a honda fit ran into the driver side of my truck. A new paint job and used door from pick your part later, and I have a non-demolished door. However, this new door seems to be off a bit, as if it's camber was off. The top of the door has a good half inch gap that required me...
  7. DisturbedMXer8

    4-Door Ranger?!?!

    I just saw one of these on the freeway the other night and about shit myself (not this exact one, just googled for an example): What I want to know is... WHY DON'T WE SEE MORE OF THESE? Holy crap!!! I'm pretty sure if they made more of these, Ranger sales would have been through the roof! I...
  8. DisturbedMXer8

    88 Ranger pulls HARD in hot weather

    Hey guys. I've been having this problem pretty much for the past two years. Whenever it gets hot outside (75 degrees or above), or whenever I do stop-and-go driving for long periods of time, my truck will start to pull to the right really hard. I have a very strong feeling that it is a brake...
  9. DisturbedMXer8

    1st Gen Dash with 4.0?

    I've been doing a bunch of research lately out of curiosity, and from what I've seen it looks like the first gen dash is not compatible with the 4.0. I know it has been done before (4.0B2), so what I'm curious about is what exactly isn't compatible? The Tach, fuel, temp, battery, oil gauges and...
  10. DisturbedMXer8

    '97 Geo Tracker won't idle after head rebuild

    Alright guys, I need your help. I've posted about this on two Suzuki forums in hopes I'll find something, but this site has helped me more than anything else, so I figured I'd post this here, too. About 5 months ago, my sister's 1997 Geo Tracker 1.6L severely overheated, causing a warped head...
  11. DisturbedMXer8

    Need help with an aftermarket tach for a 1998 Escort

    Hey guys, I need a bit of help. I'm trying to install an aftermarket tach in my girlfriend's 1998 Escort LX (she has the base tach with just speedo, temp and gas gauges). What I'm having trouble with is the signal wire. Switched power, lights, and ground aren't a problem, just wondering if...
  12. DisturbedMXer8

    2nd Gen Dually

    Just saw this down the street from my house a few nights back: Don't know about you guys, but that's the only factory dually Ranger I've ever seen. If it's not factory, it's done REAL well.
  13. DisturbedMXer8

    '88 2.9 won't Idle after stereo install

    So, I just put in a brand new Kenwood headunit in my truck today. As soon as I finished everything and took it on a test drive, I noticed it was idling unusually low. The further and further I drove, the lower it got, until it would start to stumble, recover, stumble and recover, then stall. It...
  14. DisturbedMXer8

    "Project A59749" - My '88 Ranger XLT

    Updated list of mods: - 15 inch alloys and 235/75R15 tires (up from stock 215/70R14) - AutoDimming Rearview Mirror with Compass and Temp gauge - Kenwood KDC-248U CD Reciever - Explorer Bucket Seats (from split bench) - Explorer Center Console - Explorer Dual-Core Radiator Read on for details...
  15. DisturbedMXer8

    Deciphering my Axle Tag

    I'm trying to figure out exactly what axle I have in my truck. I don't have stickers on my door anymore, so I am trying to figure it out using my axle tag. This is how mine reads: A S3980 - - 3 4575 7L09 I can't for the life of me figure this out. Anyone mind...
  16. DisturbedMXer8

    5 Bizarre Pitfalls of Owning a Classic Car

    Found this article on one of my favorite sites, thought you guys could relate and appreciate it as much as I did =P. 5 Bizarre Pitfalls of Owning a Classic Car
  17. DisturbedMXer8

    Me, Myself, and Irene

    'Sup guys. I'm not necessarily new here, but I haven't really introduced myself, so I figured I would now that we have this thread (had no idea this existed). My name is Cheyne (pronounced Shane), and I've been a Ford guy my whole life. I drive a 1988 Ford Ranger named Irene that I absolutely...
  18. DisturbedMXer8

    Power and Ground Distribution scare, help much appreciated...

    Recently I've been noticing my starter doesn't like to crank my engine when it's hot (i.e. after I have the engine warmed up, and I stop for 10 minutes or so for gas or whatever). One day I filled up and it straight would NOT start back up. It eventually started to crank, and it took 6 or so...
  19. DisturbedMXer8

    Starter freak out

    So today I went to go take a friend home, and my truck started up and ran fine. After I dropped my friend off, though, and got back in to start my truck, the starter stuck ON somehow. It revved my engine way up, I immediately turned the key off and took it out, but the starter sat there just...
  20. DisturbedMXer8

    Ranger to the Rescue!

    So my Ma's 94 Land Rover Discovery just broke down yesterday. Her starter is fried. But, before she got it towed home, she wanted me to bring a new battery, take a few readings, and make sure before we go spending money on expensive ass European car parts. Just thought this was a cool picture...

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