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  1. Tbmitchell

    How Strong Are The Step Side Bed Rails

    i have a 99 ranger with the fiber glass step side bed and im wanting to mount my welder/gen in the bed but ill half to mount it onto of the bed rails and it weight around 800lbs and im woundering if ill half to run some angel iron down to the bed floor to support weight or do you thing the bed...
  2. Tbmitchell

    Brake Booster

    has anyone done an upgrade or a brake booster swap currently i have a 3/4 ton 44 in the front and a dana 60 in the rear of my ranger and im not sure that my brake booster will handle it...so was looking at other options for my truck and its a 83 ranger
  3. Tbmitchell

    Radio Holder

    So today im still laid off so im going to take the old ranger into the shop and build a center console to hold my cb and ham raido along with a spot for my gps. and well im going to use alum diamond plate cause i got some laying around just hope she turn out good ill try and get pictures as i go...
  4. Tbmitchell

    2.5 ton rockwells Vs 5 tons's

    i see alot of people talking about the 2.5 rockwells and then their are some that are using 5 tons my question is what ones better im sure the 5 tons are but it seem like it their are more people who are dealing and making parts for the 2.5 im gathering stuff to build a BIGGER ranger and well im...
  5. Tbmitchell

    Used Body Lift

    I Got Some 3 in body lift blocks off a guy no clue what they came off of o anything but i was woundering if they would work because all the blocks are the same size it that right or will they even work
  6. Tbmitchell

    T Case Linkage

    can anyone tell me if the linkage from my 1350 will work with a 1354 out of a 1990 ranger im putting it into a 83 ranger if not dose anyone have a pic of their so i can build one thanks
  7. Tbmitchell

    Mobile Ham Radio Antenna

    hi im new to ham radio just got a used but good yaesu ft7800 im lookin to find a decent mobile magnet mount antenna what are some affordable to start with thanks
  8. Tbmitchell

    Brake Question

    Okay So I Have An 83 Ranger With A 2.8l Engine And I Have Done A SAS I Put A Dana 44 3/4 Ton Front End With Dual Piston Calipers And I Have A Dana 60 Rear With Drum Brakes My Question Is Will My Stock Master Cylinder and Brake Booster Handle That To Stop Me With 36 On Or What Kinda Upgrades Have...
  9. Tbmitchell

    Custom Center Console ???

    what everyone using to make Center Console im not lookin for anything super nice i just wan someone to mount my cb and ham radio and my linear... i was thinkin bout using paritcal board but im not sure so if you got any idea let me know
  10. Tbmitchell

    5.0 Tranny

    I Getting ready to do a carbed 5.0 into my 83 ranger its 4wd and i wanted to know what would be the best manual tranny to have my buddy said we can use a t5 with a tail adapter to bolt the tranny i just wanted to see what mght be another option
  11. Tbmitchell


    okay so what the difference between caster and pinion angle... if there is one i mean when you adjust caster that is going to change ur pinion angle so is there a difference?
  12. Tbmitchell

    Dana 44

    Okay First off i am not going to use the dodge front axle i all ready have the ford one in and set up all i was trying to see if is i could use its ring and pinion to save be a little cash but i guess i cant
  13. Tbmitchell

    Front Leaf Springs

    Okay So I Was My Buddy Shop The Other Day And He Has A B2 With A SAS And He Has Explorer Leaf in the front well he has another identical set on the floor and he said he was goingto split the 2 packs and add them together mine the mounting spring so he could get more lift would that realy work i...
  14. Tbmitchell

    Dana 44

    Okay so I have a Dana 44 high pinion out of a 79 ford 3/4 ton and when I got it the guy told me that it needed a new ring gear cause teeth were missing. So I went the other day and bought a Dana 60 for the rear and its out of a 78 dodge 3/4 ton and the guy also gave me the Front Dana 44 I know...
  15. Tbmitchell


    When you have leaf srings re arched will that change the distance from hole to hole. i have never had springs re arched and wanted to see if it would before i have it done
  16. Tbmitchell

    Parnelli Jones

    has anyone ever ran the 36X14.5X16 Parnelli Jones Dirt Grips i picked up a set of them and wanted to know if there a good tire or not
  17. Tbmitchell

    Ext Cab On Reg Cab Frame

    Can I put a 2001 ext cab on my 83 Reg cab Frame I Have No Problem Welding its just i got a Good Deal On The Truck Minu Engine for 600 and well i would have more than that in body work on my 83 but will it fit
  18. Tbmitchell

    Will these fit my 79 ford dana 44

    i seen these and was trying to figure out if they would fit in my dana 44 out of an 79 ford. i know it says there for a jeep dana 30 but i woundered if they would fit... what do u think http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SAG-EV50FSL/
  19. Tbmitchell

    geting hubs off fullsize ford dana 44

    yes u half to tak an allen wrench to them and then there a coulpe nap ring in there and after that it should just slide off and after that u might need to remove the spindle to get the shaft off depending on what kinda axle it is but there are no clips inside the diff te just slide off
  20. Tbmitchell

    Will These Fit A Dana 44

    i seen these and was trying to figure out if they would fit in my dana 44 out of an 79 ford. i know it says there for a jeep dana 30 but i woundered if they would fit... what do u think http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SAG-EV50FSL/

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