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  1. Ranger4banger97

    Manual master cyl question on 95

    What up guys, been a LONG time since I've been on here. But I'm here with a question. I'm putting together a 357w single turbo street strip truck in my 95. Due to my big cam, exhaust manifolds, and roll cage, I had to 86 the brake booster. I ordered a universal 4 bolt firewall adapter, and an 86...
  2. Ranger4banger97


    **OOPS i pressed enter by accident, the title is supposed to be "Did some muddin today" whoever can fix that :/ ** Did a little bit of wheelin today, just got a few pics. Really couldnt get much cause i was drivin.
  3. Ranger4banger97

    New pics of the Tonka Toy with the new 35" ProComp MT's :)

    Got me some new pics of the truck with my newly aquired 35x12.5x15 ProComp Mud Terrains, theyre not the extremes. Pics are also like minutes after washin and waxin it. We've finally got a break in the snow :/ Green switch is for the projectors, and the red is for the airhorns. Its...
  4. Ranger4banger97

    LOL whats everyones opinion on 3wd?

    Yes you read right, 3wd. A few weeks ago I broke my front drivers side outer stub axle, I haven't gotten around to fix it and now I'm getting like 8ft of snow in a few hours haha. Now remember, I've got the 11 inch lifted 94 ranger, dana 35, warn hubs and 35x12.5's. I THINK its open diff but I...
  5. Ranger4banger97

    Check out my new toy :) One of the biggest street rangers ive ever seen...

    Alright, well my white ranger finally decided to die after 320,000 long miles. I retired that truck (parting if you need anything) and picked up this one. I'll be the first to admit it, yes...i bought this one already done. I built my white one from the ground up, so i decided to treat myself...
  6. Ranger4banger97

    Put my 17x9 Cobra R's on with my 3/4 DJM kit!

    Just like the title states, I FINALLY got my 17x9 Cobra R's! Ok, 3 of them are legit factory Cobra wheels, but I had to buy a replica for the 4th...I got the wheels off my buddy who had an accident with his mustang and one of the wheels was involved in the crash. I have to get the spacers for...
  7. Ranger4banger97

    New pics of my broken in 3/4 DJM (9/06/08)

    Well here they are, feel free to comment, ask questions, etc. Yea I know I gotta finish the primer on the roof...haha Makin a delivery With my work trucks Yea my exhaust scrapes in the driveway now haha
  8. Ranger4banger97

    Is this a good item? (Thread useless after 2/16/08)

    I foudn this on eBay, and was wondering if it was a good item to get and add to my 2.3l turbo buildup pile. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Ford-garret-turbocharge-manifold-xr4ti-svo-turbocoupe_W0QQitemZ130197347411QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item130197347411 If it is, I got dibs!!! haha, thanks...
  9. Ranger4banger97

    Seat exchanging

    I have a 97 ranger, and i was wondering if a 2000 60/40 seat will fit in my regular cab 97. I also have a box behind the seat, but i dont need to put my stock seat up that far at all.
  10. Ranger4banger97


    I went to autozone today to fart around (didn't buy anything haha), and i noticed they have APC breathers for like 9 bucks. I've seen breathers on 2.3's before. I was wondering if i put one of these breathers on my valve cover, instead of having the tube go to the intake tube, will i mess up...
  11. Ranger4banger97

    Alright, tell me what needs to be done for my 97 for the 4.0

    Just like the title says. I have the ranger explorer mountaineer chilton book, and ive been reading everything about the swaps. I have a 2.3l with 4r44e in it now, and want to put a 4.0/5r55e in. Are there certain years i should be pulling from for my truck? Im going to be doing this myself...
  12. Ranger4banger97

    Showin off my 1997 sleeper long bed 2.3L :-D

    Lemme know what you think guys, I've got the TheRangerStation.com windshield sticker so you know i'm proud of the site! Check out my siggy cardomain link for info on it :D
  13. Ranger4banger97

    Street truck pics, sorry no girls in these

    No Girls, just my truck. If you do like the ones with the cardomain stamp for the calender, it would be no problem to send in bigger ones without it
  14. Ranger4banger97

    Finally got my new pics up!!

    Lemme know what you think guys, I've got the TheRangerStation.com windshield sticker so you know i'm proud of the site!
  15. Ranger4banger97

    ATTENTION OFF ROADERS WITH 2.3's! This header may work for you..

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ford-2-3-custom-header-and-muffler-vw-sandrail-buggy_W0QQitemZ230181324228QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item230181324228 Yea off-roaders this looks pretty interesting, but the picture might be flipped around cause it looks like if you put it on, it might blow out of your...
  16. Ranger4banger97

    Got a question on heads...

    Like the topic says, i was wondering if the 2.5 head would bolt onto my 1997 2.3? If so would I see any HP increase from bigger ports, if it does have bigger? but yea thanks guys, dont kill yourselves on this one, i'm just wondering
  17. Ranger4banger97

    Why won't this k&n fit on an automatic??

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/K-N-FIPK-INTAKE-95-96-97-RANGER-L4-5-SPEED-57-2535_W0QQitemZ300161752524QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item300161752524 I really want a K&N system on my 2.3l :3gears:, but i have an automatic. Can someone tell me why this wouldn't work on the automatic? I saw the K&N booth...
  18. Ranger4banger97

    NEW Brothers! #'s 28716 28717 & 28718

    Alright, so my College, Lock Haven University used the money I spent for my tuition on these trucks. These trucks are the brand new 2008 Rangers, unfourtunatly theyre not the XL's, XLT's, Sports, or FX4's, they're just the plain old basic rangers. Even though they're the basics, they still...
  19. Ranger4banger97

    Wanna get a lopey cam

    Yea like the topic states, i wanna get a lopey cam for my 1997 2.3 with a little bit of lift and rough idle, just somethin to sound cool and put some power in it, i dont wanna pay an arm and leg, so if anyone has a used good condition one, that'd be cool, just shoot me a reply or something, or...
  20. Ranger4banger97


    yea so i had to leave my truck at home because i left for school today :-(. My good old 97 ranger 4 banger, which is sitting in my driveway, im probably gonna go thru withdrawl from it, haha, were not alowed to have our cars our freshmen year of school... Anyone else going thru this heart...

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