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  1. trailer wiring help

    hello folks, my trailer running lights refuse to work its the truck end thats not working not the trailer itself, ive tried yelling at it, punching it, kicking it, nothing iwll work. anyways a friend of mine told me i can just ran a wire from the taillight running light wire straight down to the...
  2. difference in 98+ superlifts?

    what is the difference between the two lifts available?? i found one used that says for a 98+ and i know they added something for rangers that are 2000+ what is this difference in the lifts?? thanks
  3. all you guys with a 4" superlift for 2000+ rangers!

    hey, im pretty close to biting the bullet on a new superlift for my 07, im just wondering if any of you guys know where the best deals are....right now im looking at 1899+tax+50 shipping, i live in ottawa, ontario...let me know! thanks
  4. sport trac heated mirrors on a ranger???

    has anybody done this?? there basically the same mirrors? and there heated and have a 'puddle' light...how difficult would it be to swap them on and hook them up so they work. thanks!
  5. running hot??

    hello, lately ive noticed my truck seems to be running fairly warm....its a 2007 4.0 130000km on it....hard miles everyone of them tho...anyways it seems run fine most of the time but the other day i had the fourwheeler in the back and it started to heat up above norm, i caught it and started...
  6. crazy thought? maybe??

    maybe im just crazy to even think about it? has anyone ever thought about running 3" lift spindles on a 4wd if you were to crank your torsion bars?? wouldnt save the cv angles but would save on balljoint wear??? maybe im just crazy
  7. help please!, installing new headunit!

    so i got a new headunit for xmas, just a jvc one, but it has a remote! but the problem is a bought the wiring kit from canadian tire for 94 and up ford vehicles, but it doesnt fit properly, it doesnt clip into the factory wiring. it says it doesnt work with factory amplified sound systems? i...
  8. quick question about a chip?

    I found a superchip flashpaq for sale model 1865 for ford gas trucks, now the guy had it on an f150 with the 5.4L, can i run it on my 4.0? :S
  9. aftermarket hood?

    hey i was just wondering if theres a bad side to aftermarket hoods? i just got a price for one and its 175$ which is a lot cheaper then even finding one off a wrecked ranger? has anyone had any problems?
  10. help with clunk please

    my truck has developed a clunking which seems to be right under my feet while driving, bad ujoint maybe? balljoint? it seems to be fairly constant
  11. replaced the plugs n wires

    we replaced the plugs n wires on my 07 fx4 4.0L SOHC tonight, with help from a buddys dad who has done a few and it was all pretty straight forward, everyone said that the drivers side were the easy ones but the pass side was deff a bit easier more excessiable at least, truck seems to be running...
  12. xj winch bumper on a ranger?

    i found this bumper http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-auto-parts-tires-other-parts-accessories-Warn-Winch-Bumper-for-Jeep-Cherokee-XJ-W0QQAdIdZ253090289 how hard would it be to convert it to fit a ranger, i know it would be approx the right width
  13. cortex or flashpaq?

    im looking into a superchip for my 07 fx4, and im just wondering which is the better deal, the flashpaq or cortex, its a 50$ difference between the two...thanks
  14. want this

    i knew they would look awesome lifted properly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O7t6Kr6Akg&feature=fvw
  15. 4" superlift + keys?

    im pretty close to going all out and buying the 4" superlift for my ranger(if its still available), even though its gunna cost a pile but i want to go bigger as everyone does. Anyways the question is i dont have my stock torsion keys any longer due to the stupid shop throwing them away after...
  16. Whats the best tire...?

    Heres one for you guys, I just installed a 2" body lift on my 07, i have room to run 33x12.5, at the moment im running 32x11.5 fairly new bmg km2s, id like to move up to 33s. I think this is as much lift as im ever going to get which is about 4" in total. So 33s are pretty much my max. Now my...
  17. ladder bars on an 07?

    ive been trying to find ladder/traction bars for my 07 fx4, what ones work for this year of truck?? ive got a price on a set made by JP Warrior...ive never heard much about that company anyone use them?...any info on 98 plus trucks would help thanks a lot
  18. I want to go bigger-again

    Well i just installed a 2" body lift on my 07 lv.2, and im running 32x11.5 bfg km2s, on 15x10s which look pretty good but some how still rub on the valance, just because of the offset of the rims. Anyways im loosing focus, I want to go bigger, I have about 4" of lift 2" torsion keys (i know...
  19. 2" body lift?

    im looking to buy a 2" body from a 1994 ranger and use it in my 2007, basically all im using is the bolts and blocks, but i just want to confirm that the bolts would be the proper length, and thats i wouldnt need any special extensions just doing a 2" lift thanks
  20. used superchip flashpaq?

    ive come across a used superchip flashpaq model 1815, for V6 and V8 trucks, for sale used on the internet, for $140, and i know new they go for about $400, anyways im just wondering if it would hurt my truck at all...like mess the computer or whatever? the guy selling it had in on a 2006 ranger...

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