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  1. 86ford

    d44 knuckles or d44 sas?

    If you are going to be REALLY wheeling I would swap in a d44. The d35 is a PITA when its locked and you cant run hydro assist steering. If you are content with a open front you can run a d35 up to 35s. A d44 can be filled with bling bling stuff and run up to 37s or 38s without much if any...
  2. 86ford

    One ton questions

    They make winches and wenches to take care of such problems. I can agree with the SF axle/tire running away when you break a shaft. 86
  3. 86ford

    One ton questions

    FF axles are intended to keep weight off the actual shaft. In a wheeling rig its not a terribly big deal because you wont be putting 10k on the axles. Regardless of if you run FF or SF swapping broken shafts sucks, only difference is if the tires/brakes come off or not. With the exception of 3rd...
  4. 86ford

    For all you picture whores, My rollover pictures from the summer.

    2wd anyone? Fast forward 6-8 wheeling trips and a lot of body damage. Everyone else comes running and Jess stops for a picture, thanks jackass! Thankfully that tree saved me from the next 30-40 feet of rolling over and over like a drunk chick down a flight of stairs. Does not look any...
  5. 86ford

    Project Cheap bastard

    A friend of mine picked up a 89 2.9/5spd/1350M long bed ranger for 300 bucks. I set out to build him a trail rig for DIRT cheap. First order of business was welding up the rear, simple, cheap and effective. Second order of was tossing the d28 because it had a bad u-joint and I knew it was not...
  6. 86ford

    where did this dana 30 come from?

    I would be more likely to say its from a Grand Cherokee and the stock CV shaft failed and was replaced with a u-joint style shaft. 86
  7. 86ford

    Stolen Jeep In Columbus Ohio!

    A friend of mine Arron had his JY stolen from his apartment last night. The hopes are that the person who stole it did not turn on the electric fan and it over heated and is broken down on a road! CALL 911 if you see it and report the location! http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.c ...
  8. 86ford

    Accident at Haspin 5/24/09

    http://offroadohio.messageforums.net/cbw-we-will-miss-you-t1720.html I would like for everyone to take a little time and read this. Many of us over on offroadohio and rowdyjeepers lost a good friend and a great person in a tragic wheeling accident this past weekend. We are all forever changed...
  9. 86ford

    Axles for ranger(Debate)

    Find a 4wd f350 and part it out. The axles are worth a 1000 bucks in most cases so just part it out and make back what you can. 86
  10. 86ford

    full width, Pros & Cons

    The full width axles are said to only be marginally more durable than the d35/31spline 8.8 but the stability of full widths is priceless. The axles your are talking about are only a total of 6 inches wider than the explorer axles. Its a rather large project (depends on your skills) to swap in a...
  11. 86ford


    You are pushing the limits of a stock d30 even with the larger (760) joints and are losing the ability to unlock your hubs (unless you have cash to burn on a conversion kit). Coils or leafs will work, what is better is usually a matter of opinion and skill. If you can honestly say you abuse your...
  12. 86ford

    8.8/D44 Hybrid Build Thread...w/PIC's

    Its quality craftsmanship like this that reminds me that I am a hack with lots still left to learn. I would be interested to see if this could be done with a d60 rear for cheaper than buying a d60 front. 86
  13. 86ford

    For all you picture whores who actually want updates on everyones rigs

    I have had my b2 for around 16-19 months and have ridden it hard and put it away wet for the last time. Suffice it to say I am no longer going to build rigs without taking into consideration road manors UNLESS its ridding a trailer to and from the wheeling location. I will begin with pictures...
  14. 86ford

    Waggy 44 or EB 44

    The factory radius arms are acceptable in most cases depending on were they fall on your frame rails (interfering with other pre existing items). I do not recommend extending the stock radius arms, if I remember correctly they are cast steel and should not be welded. I assume you are familiar...
  15. 86ford

    Waggy 44 or EB 44

    fixed it. 86
  16. 86ford

    Waggy 44 or EB 44

    Fair enough. Keep in mind YOU can fix what YOU built just like I can. BUT if someone pays to have there SAS done they better zip tie there wrists to there ankles rather than wasting the time to bend over every time there rig needs work done. keep in mind you are use to TTB in your 97 so a...
  17. 86ford

    Waggy 44 or EB 44

    That is just gay, you are the guy I laugh at every time I go wheeling and your crying over a scratch. while I drive home in the snow with a crushed body panel and a broken window without a care. Leave the IFS junk if you are not wheeling. when you do a SAS you are sacrificing ride quality...
  18. 86ford

    Broke axle what next?

    :iamwithstupid: 86
  19. 86ford

    Best Dana 30

    Keep your eyes on the u-pull-it yards. You will find one. 86
  20. 86ford

    Best Dana 30

    agreed. The d30 is PERFECT for his application. TTB is good for vehicles that already have it but given a choice I would take a d30 or d44 solid axle over a d35 TTB. I run the TTB because its the easiest, NOT because its the best. 86

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