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  1. chvlfrk

    ISO Tonneau

    Looking for a Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover for 93up Stepside Pics & Price PLEASE!
  2. chvlfrk

    LS Swapped Ranger

    Well here's what I did with my lil' 94 back in 2010...........I narrowed my Explorer 8.8 L/S 3" then used 2 right side axles, & did the Explorer style (leafs under frame) mod......15X12 Draglites with 28X15.50 tires: It does have a fuel cell in the bed as the original tank is gone for room...
  3. chvlfrk

    Wiring 1999 Ranger

    ^^^^That's what I was thinking, Air Bag activation sensors that mount on the radiator support......
  4. chvlfrk

    For Sale 2002 Ranger Supercab Edge 4x2

    2002 Ranger Supercab Edge, 4 door, 4x2 (bed has been changed along with front clip 99), 3.0L 174k miles, Auto, all power, class III hitch, Pioneer radio, bed has been spray lined by ARMOR THANE, 3.73 L/S rearend, built for my Granddaughter in 2018, NEW 16" tires then, and she decided she wanted...
  5. chvlfrk

    98 Explorer 4 door

    8*11*20 Was the door lock actuator
  6. chvlfrk

    98 Explorer 4 door

    I picked up a 98 Explorer 4 door for my Granddaughter as she thought she needed an SUV to haul friends around. The DS/LFdoor started having issues it would lock but as soon as you pulled on the exterior handle it would open and of course set of the Anti=theft alarm. Then the window motor or...
  7. chvlfrk

    Newb. 306ci Splash. Looking for drag wheel advice.

    ==================== Same setup would work under yours, just have to careful if your keeping the stock tank to be sure of no driveshaft issues with the chunk being center instead of offset and your exhaust clearance as well. Post some pics, lets see what your workin on...(y)
  8. chvlfrk

    Rusted out rear bed frame on a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4

    =================================== I have done this, drilled out the 16 rivets and used Grade 8 bolts to put it back together, but then started workin on cab and realized the truck had been rolled to the point the used doors I installed wouldn't hit right, the cab was tweaked. So I had a...
  9. chvlfrk

    Rusted out rear bed frame on a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4

    On my Son's 01 Edge I used the repair pieces he bought for like $60, bolted it on through the shackle mount, and then used 2x4 rectangular tubing in the rear as he didn't want the spare tire winch..... BEFORE: AFTER: GOOD LUCK with what ya do and post some pics.....
  10. chvlfrk

    The OBX headers are now AVAILABLE again!

    THANKS! What's the PN# on those and/or exact application? THANKS again!
  11. chvlfrk

    94 ranger with 9"

    ????? =================== So you have a narrowed 9" in your 94 Ranger? What's your pinion angle with it sitting on the ground? I'm thinking bent driveshaft too, cause if the pinion angle was off that bad either way, it's either gonna spit it out or bust the tailshaft housing. I set the...
  12. chvlfrk

    8.8 explorer Leaf spring and axle swap

    >>>> ======================== I've done it with Ranger springs and more on my Green 94, ride didn't change any & yes it gets you around 4" of drop.
  13. chvlfrk

    BDD 98 Steppie

    Dealership took this in on trade & I jumped on it........98 XLT Steppie, 3.0L (224+K), auto, pw, pdl, pm, ps, cc, slidin rear window, am/fm/cd, and foglights. New to me 9*28*15: Front license plate bracket installed, Buggman grill emblem, and USAF decal 10*9*15: Installed tonneau cover...
  14. chvlfrk

    Explorer axle questions

    Ummm........... ========================== I've seen alotta Exploders in the boneyards and never seen anything taller than 3.55's. I have a 92 Explorer 8.8 with 3.73s under a 93. So your 93 has the single fiberglass springs? Those are kinda RARE!
  15. chvlfrk

    Power Mirror How To?

    Lookin to put power 03 mirrors in my 93, anybody have a How To on this or have done it to give some insight? Truck is all manual.......... THANKS!
  16. chvlfrk

    Power Mirror How To?

    Sorry guys.............wrong section DELETE please!
  17. chvlfrk

    Narrowed 8.8 mountianeer rear end

    ====================== No mods to outer wheelwells. I had to remove some of the support brace on the bottom of the box, but didn't have to tub it. I used Explorer front spring hangers and made my rear shackle hangers.
  18. chvlfrk

    Narrowed 8.8 mountianeer rear end

    ====================== Well here's what I did...........I narrowed mine & did the Explorer style (leafs under frame) mod......15X12 Draglites with 28X15.50 tires:
  19. chvlfrk

    Sunroof OHC Installation.....ANYBODY done one?

    I've searched all the Ranger sites for installation & wiring info. I've pretty much figured out the wiring, but I find nothin on installin the Sunroof style OHC into any year Ranger. My 93 was missin the headliner when I bought it, so I installed one of these type of OHC's into it, but I'm...
  20. chvlfrk

    Sunroof style OHC install in 93/94 Ranger Wiring Help

    I recently picked up a 93 Ranger XLT DD project, I had purchased OHC's with sunroof switch a while back for my 94, but never got one installed. This 93 was missin the headliner, so I installed one in it, but have had no luck findin any info on wiring it. Seems all the tech library has is...

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