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  1. thegoat4

    Mid-range performance upgrades

    Well, got it all apart, and it is surprisingly unhurt. Cam bearings are marginal and the rings and water pump are toast, but otherwise, no real damage. Got the heads off, looked pretty bad at first. Heads are fried. After stripping the block down, I found that it was nearly immaculate...
  2. thegoat4

    Mid-range performance upgrades

    My trusty 3.0 nearly died in the desert to a stuck thermostat. I got it running again, and made it out of the desert, but a head gasket (or both) failed; as I was driving and topping off the water I was steadily filling my crankcase with the "lost" water. It pushed out pretty much all of the...
  3. thegoat4

    Max safe weight on IFS?

    What's the most weight my IFS can support before I need to explore other options like a solid axle? Is the max weight different between 2wd and 4wd? Yeah, I know, nobody likes IFS, but if I can stick with what I've got I intend to.
  4. thegoat4

    Interesting video of demolition

  5. thegoat4

    Ford needs no more money

    http://money.cnn.com/2009/01/25/autos/ford_no_more_money.reut/index.htm FYI.
  6. thegoat4

    ATTN: Mods

    I'm fine with closing a thread once it becomes useless and just an eyesore, but I think it's bad form to throw down your own personal opinion at the same time you close the thread. If the thread's discussion is really no longer beneficial, fine. Kill it, state why it was killed, and leave it...
  7. thegoat4

    Good people

    So I spent last weekend in Ft. Worth celebrating christmas. Late Sunday I had to drive back to Austin. Not too far out of Ft. Worth I decided I was too tired to drive, so I pulled over for a nap. Slept about an hour and a half. I woke up because it got cold inside the truck. Went to start...
  8. thegoat4


    Death of an icon. Bettie Page She always made me wish I were about 60 years older.
  9. thegoat4

    Boy am I glad I check that!

    I have a kind of lengthy PM routine. Oil change, grease the ball joints, clean off the engine, vacuum gauge, fuel pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge, clean the pulleys, clean the radiator, clean the ac condenser. Tranny oil check, diff oil check, coolant test, battery electrolyte test, battery...
  10. thegoat4

    Defining "fuel"

    We need to put our heads together and clarifiy what we mean when we start talking about alternative fuels. My suggestions: Fuel: as far as internal (or external) combustion engines are concerned, anything that qualifies as a fuel is made up of molecules that have chemical bonds which when...
  11. thegoat4

    How not to back a trailer

    I'm sitting at home, minding my own business, when I hear a whole lot of air brakes and beeping outside for a long, long time. I finaly get curious enough to investigate, there is a dump truck literally two inches from my truck with a dump trailer hooked up, trying to make a u-turn in our...
  12. thegoat4

    Suspicious clutch behavior.

    Actually, it's the linkage. After driving down the highway for 30 minutes or better, my clutch pedal starts to stick. It takes a lot more force to push down, and is slow to come up. It hasn't gotten stuck down yet, but my foot can easily outrun the pedal on the way up. But, when it cools...
  13. thegoat4

    This thingy made me laugh

    http://stingerhitch.com/ Then again, I suppose for every solution there's a problem.
  14. thegoat4

    Yay! Paid off my truck today

    No more payments, cheaper insurance, and just in time for another gas hike. :D I feel better, anyway.
  15. thegoat4

    Sterling 10.25

    With more unsprung weight, you need correspondingly higher sprung weight to hold the wheels to the road. Unless you put something heavy in the bed you're likely to have a hard time driving it around. I've had to transport garbage trucks before they got their compactors mounted. 3,000+lbs of...
  16. thegoat4

    biggest spare?

    What's the largest tire size that'll still fit within the stock spare tire location?
  17. thegoat4

    On spelling and grammar....

    How many people here would agree that at a bare minimum decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation are important? I'm not going to post any specific examples because I don't want to cause a flamewar, but some of the posts around here are damn near unintelligible. Usually it's minor stuff like...
  18. thegoat4

    Procrastination strikes again.

    A while back I was asking about the best clutch to get as a replacement because I knew mine was failing. Well, I was a little short on cash, christmas was coming, and I wanted to see if I could make it to new year's. Obviously this plan had to go south at the worst possible time. I'm in the...
  19. thegoat4

    tcase in a 2wd.

    I'd like to put a transfer case (manual) in my truck for low range when backing trailers and crawling through traffic. My truck is a '98 3.0, 5spd, extcab, 2wd. What all will I need? the case--what year truck to pull the pieces from? rear housing of transmission--can I just swap the housing...
  20. thegoat4

    I've got a gremlin!

    Every so often my CEL lights up. Always camshaft position circuit fault. The first time it happened I checked out the mechanical condition of the sensor just to be safe. No play in the shaft, no loose retaining screws, no busted off flag, no timing problem, even cut the oil filter and checked...

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