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  1. 2004xlmiller

    Jeep D35?

    Why on earth would you trade an option for an 8.8, (arguably stronger than a Dana 44) for a pos Dana 35. They're junk. Even jeep guys know this and go with Ford axles.. just saying. If you're gonna swap something do it right
  2. 2004xlmiller

    Chevy 63s - E-Brake Bracket

    need someone to post a pic of their ebrake bracket they made to keep it in the factory location after installing chevy 63-64 leafs. ive seen one before just cant find the thread it was in. gonna have a buddy make one this weekend and would like it as a refrence. thanks in advance. :icon_welder:
  3. 2004xlmiller

    California Statewide Meet - Pismo June 22-23rd, 2013

    alrighty here we go again fellas.. due to some issues with our normal fresno meet spot (running horse has been leveled out and turned into a peanut farm or something), we have decided to take this a little closer to socal this go round. we will be meeting in pismo saturday the 8th. times will...
  4. 2004xlmiller

    NorCal MEET Saturday March 2ND, OROVILLE CA

    picking up the TRS banner from another member in Oroville, CA this saturday. we will be meeting at the riverbend park in oroville, ca saturday march second at noon. be there! we may head to the clay pit SVRA park a couple miles away.. pm me for my #.
  5. 2004xlmiller

    bush bumper brackets

    i wrote a how to on modding brush guard brackets for a body lifted truck, you guys are more than welcome to post it in the tech section if you want. a few people have asked how to modify brush guard brackets to have the brush guard fit with a body lift. i recently did this so i took pics to...
  6. 2004xlmiller

    Fresno 2013 MEET Planning Thread

    never too early to start brainstorming! jeremy, justin and brad and i have talked a few times in the past few weeks about setting up the next big statewide semiannual meet. we're shooting for early january. should work with school schedules and hopefully work schedules. we wanna do it just as...
  7. 2004xlmiller

    Fresno Meet June 2012

    we're trying to have a cali statewide meet in june. the 16th. this is posted across a few forums and we're hoping its a huge meet. fresno is cencal so its fair to meet there for norcal folks and socal. we're planning on making it a 2 day meet. drive down and meet up, camp or crash somewhere and...
  8. 2004xlmiller

    Yeah baby!!!

    xj dana 30 im guessing?
  9. 2004xlmiller

    Eureka/Arcata/McKinleyville Meet This Weekend!

    this is kinda short notice, but being on alot of forums i know of many members in the eureka area. my friend price is coming up from sac to spend a weekend partying here at college with me and figured why not, lets make a meet this weekend. if anyone could make it out that be great. dont know...
  10. 2004xlmiller

    Lets see your camping vehicles!

    heres mine, im really comfortable just sleeping in the back. love my shell.
  11. 2004xlmiller

    2 Rangers Playin in the Sand Dunes, Pics n Vids

    went out to the dunes with my buddy alex today. great guy, hes got an awesome truck. and hes the pics, vids will be up shortly id never seen an fx4 black interior before, i liked it. turns out if you spin your wheels alot on the beach, youll find water, and thats what i did...
  12. 2004xlmiller

    Morgan's 2004 Ford Ranger Build

    this truck has changed so much over the yea and a half ive owned it. its never been to the shop for any mods, ive done all of the work myself. this thread is copied from FRF but since itll all be here, you wont have to scroll through 13 pages to see it...
  13. 2004xlmiller

    NorCal! Prarie City Meet This Friday!!! July 30th!

    time is still pending on when people are working. so lets discuss! but we're aiming to be there around noon-ish.. talk with ideas. im not on here so much but ill check back in on this thread. there is also an identical thread on FRF.

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