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  1. sjranger

    ?? for those who have done D35 E-clip elim

    Hey all, I installed an arb in my D35 last week and did the external e-clip elim using the echo spring in the tech section. I am now getting an occasional metallic bang/thud from the diff area when taking roughish right hand corners only. I tried all combinations of locked and unlocked hubs...
  2. sjranger

    Bed Swap?

    Hey all, can anyone tell me if a '92 bed will bolt directly to a '93 frame? I am looking to make a trailer out of my donor ranger but the current bed is toast (previous owner must have taken this thing down a quad trail :icon_confused:). I'd really like it to match my BII, that's the...
  3. sjranger

    rebuilding an m5r1

    How difficult is rebuilding one of these? I've done motor work, mostly top ends, and set up numerous axles but I've never been into a trans. Figure on a full weekend I suppose? Anyone have any tips or pointers? Thanks
  4. sjranger

    Noisy M5OD

    Hey all, I finished up my 4.0 swap a few weeks ago and I've been noticing some noise coming from the transmission area. It has the sounds of a bad bearing and I'm thinking its the input bearing on the front of the trans or a main/countershaft bearing. When the trans was out there was a slight...
  5. sjranger

    Led trail tails?

    I have been considering upgrading my tail lights to led lighting but I know too many people who have been unhappy with the simple led bulbs. So then I though of maybe trying something like they use on the xj's... Any thoughts??
  6. sjranger

    Skyjacker or Duff

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a 6in lift with extended radius arms to replace the 3in Duff lift I have on my BII. Right now I'm trying to decide which or the two prospective kits would be better. I amd looking at the Skyjacker Class II 6in kit or the Duff Stage 3 6in kit. Both would have...
  7. sjranger

    m5od neutral sensing switch

    Hello all, I am trying to replace the neutral sensing switch (passenger side sensor) on my m5od because the previous owner ripped the wires off haha.. When I removed the switch however, a small rod (about 1.25" long) popped out of the hole as well. When trying to install the new switch the rod...
  8. sjranger

    '93 4.0 help

    Hey all, I wrapped up my 4.0 swap this weekend but I seem to have some issues. Once I got it fired up the first time, it seemed to be backfiring in the exhaust end for quite awhile, at idle and when giving it gas. My first thought was that it was excess gas in the exhaust/cat from all the...
  9. sjranger

    4.0 swap

    Are there any differences between computers and engine harnesses for 91-94 Explorer/Ranger 4.0's with manuals and automatics? I have an '85 BII with a 2.8 and fm145 that I would like to put a 4.0 into. I am looking to keep it a stick, and was curious of the length of the M5OD to see if I'll...
  10. sjranger

    D35 spider gears?

    I was forced to limp home the other day with just the front axle engaged on my BII. It is a D35 from a '94 Exploder, open, with 4.88's. It seems like it binds on corners when on the gas. It was especially noticeable at intersections where the truck would try to buck side to side and spin the...
  11. sjranger

    8.8 BII driveshaft

    I will be swapping in an 8.8 to my '85 this week and was wondering what kind of options are around for a rear shaft. I have seen the conversion flanges and joints to use the factory BII shaft, but I'd like to do something a little stronger. I was wondering if its possible to swap to a flange...
  12. sjranger

    How much is it worth?

    I have a 1993 Ranger XLT that I am looking to sell, it is: 4cyl auto 2wd, about 120,000mi Newer trans installed, about 60,000mi Rebuilt head, about 10,000mi Standard Cab, Longbed Newer paint Billet grill Diamond clear headlights and corners Soft tonneau and plastic bed liner Power windows and...
  13. sjranger


    Along with my email I sent a few to local news stations regarding the matter
  14. sjranger

    Dana 44 SAS 2wd

    It seems that the best route for making my 2wd a 4wd is a Dana 44 SAS. For those that have done the SAS, what's the minimum lift (2/4wd) in the front needed for enough clearance between the diff housing and the engine cross member?
  15. sjranger

    I'm Back!

    well its been awhile since i've been here, i had to open a new account! she's finally in paint tho, tell me what ya think!!

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