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  1. ozziemo27

    99 Ranger SAS Brake problems

    Hey folks, I am having a problem with the brakes on my SAS'd ranger. My setup is as follows: dana 44 with factory, new brakes ford 9 inch with late 70s chevy pickup/blazer calipers, new factory booster late 90s f-250 brake master cylinder (bigger bore diameter than factory ranger mc) ABS module...
  2. ozziemo27

    If I could choose....scenario

    But...then your children will have to reproduce with each other to restart a civilization!
  3. ozziemo27

    question for the fellas that have done the eb 44 swap

    What gm (not actually one-ton) tie rods will you be using (part #), I may be able to check them against a stock tie rod if we have the same parts
  4. ozziemo27

    Home Electrical Question

    So.... I bought an air compressor. The one in the link below and now I need to get some power to it. http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_00916476000P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1 A family friend who is, not sure if the word is general contractor but, he did some work on the house and he...
  5. ozziemo27

    Most Over-Posted Subjects

    So, after seeing the same old threads asking the same old questions or creating discussions about the same old previously discussed 50 times over kind of material around here (Mostly in the "General" forum), I got to thinking. Why not make a master list of the most over-posted, re-posted...
  6. ozziemo27

    1354 Electic Manual Shift Kit (sorry if its a repost)

    This is probably a repost but I couldn't find any threads about it and figured I would transfer it over here. Thought it was neat for the folks that can't find a 1354M and have the coin. http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=273757
  7. ozziemo27

    For people subscribed to Fourwheeler Magazine - a request

    In September, I wrote to Fourwheeler for a discrepancy in information about the M50D and A4LD Transmissions and they actually responded in one of their following issues. My problem is my mom threw away my damn four wheeler mags without asking me! Could one of you guys that gets fourwheeler look...
  8. ozziemo27

    Choosing a Gear Ratio for 36s

    I am SAS'ing my 99' Ranger with a 4.0 with an auto tranny sooner or later (manual tranny someday). I have a set of 36x12.50x15 TSL Radials I am going to run. I am torn between 4.88s and 5.13s. This rig is/will be my daily driver so I want to gain back some fuel economy (4.10 gears and 33s has...
  9. ozziemo27

    Four Wheeler Magazine...M50D Sucks?

    I'm disturbed to see that Four Wheeler said in the article. "The Beater Files, Our Favorite 4x4s for under $1,000"..... Under the ranger's description "Unfortunately, the Ranger's transmission is often a weak link, especially in the case of the M50D Manual". Most ranger folks know that the M50D...
  10. ozziemo27

    your truck camping

    Your truck has a hat!
  11. ozziemo27

    M5OD Manual Swap Compatability

    So I understand the parts list for a manual swap from a 5r55e to a M5OD but I am not 100 % sure on the compatability of some certain parts, could you guys help clarify? this is for my 4.0 4wd 99 ranger Parts List: 1. M50D-R1 transmission - Any 4.0 4wd 1991-2000 Ranger/Explorer 2...
  12. ozziemo27

    84 2.3 Timing issues.

    So I have at least 8 hours of dicking with this timing/engine issue. This is on my 84 2.3 carbed engine. I bought a rebuilt engine that had sat for a long time and i prettied it up, did all the seals, etc, so i swapped it out and now am doing the timing. At first it wouldn't start at all. I set...
  13. ozziemo27

    Mosin–Nagant 7.62x54R

    Yea, don't worry if you don't get a chance at these ones, they are everywhere. Very common rifle.
  14. ozziemo27

    84 2.3 Carbed Vacuum Line Q's

    I am doing my first engine swap to resurrect my 84 ranger with a 2.3 carbed (with what I suspect it has blown rings as it spews oil out the dipstick). I am NOT looking forward to re-hooking up all these vacuum lines (half of which were not even plugged in and plugged with screws, etc) Here in...
  15. ozziemo27

    Life of my truck, Wheeling, Fun stuff!

    Current Specs: 1999 Ford Ranger Regular Cab XLT 4.0 V6 4x4, 4" Superlift, 3" Summit Body Lift, 33x12.50 BFG M/T KM1s on 15x8 Cragar Soft 8s, 63" Chevy Leaf Swap, Manual Conversion OEM Hubs, Superlift 4" Lift Shocks, Smittybuilt XRC8 Winch, Custom Rollbar w/ 2 100W KC Daylighters, Autolite...
  16. ozziemo27

    Camber Issue (T-Bar + Superlift)

    So i installed my superlift kit on my 99 ranger and cranked the torsion bars to my desired ride height (IE: around what they recommend with the superlift) So i ran it around for a couple days after cranking them, oh, they should have settled enough right? Wrong. I went and spent $60 getting them...
  17. ozziemo27

    What gauges should I consider?

    Hi guys, My truck is a weekend wheeler and a daily driver (once i finish the suspension lift :icon_thumby:) and I was wondering what you guys would recommend in the way of gauges. I want to be able to keep a close eye on the truck when I wheel. Things i was thinking about was possibly Oil...
  18. ozziemo27

    Chevy Leaf Swap Tweaking Questions.

    Alright folks, I did my chevy leaf swap after i finished the front 4" superlift. It looks like i lifted it a bit too much....:icon_twisted: These leafs are soupy! :icon_hornsup: I can hop on the back of the truck and it will go up and down like a foot, its awesome. ANYWAYS, i am running belltech...
  19. ozziemo27

    Gahh !@$#@#%!#@!@

    Ok, so i am doing a chevy leaf swap and i'm hammering on one of the bolts to get it out of the old chevy hangers and the eye of the main leaf freaking SNAPS OFF! it apparently had a hairline crack and of course i got the damn pieces of GM shit from a junkyard so there are no returns. What the...
  20. ozziemo27

    Couple questions about Superlift 4" kit

    I'm finishing up my superlift ifs kit within the next few days hopefully. I bought it used and it didn't come with the brake line brackets. I can't tell in pictures of the brake line bracket.....but how far out and how much lower should i have the brake lines little mount thing? I'll make...

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