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  1. red93terror

    Today was possibly my luckiest day ever

    I got a job at denso today after trying for months, then my gf calls me as im leaving and tells me her cousin wants to see me for something, and the guy gives me a full set of ping golf clubs. he told me that she told him i was looking to try the sport out, and he told me this way i wouldnt have...
  2. red93terror

    Sold my ranger

    hey guys, well i ran across a deal on a 93 f250 idi turbo 4x4, 5 speed, manual hubs :annoyed: i hate getting out and doing that, bone stock with 200k on it for 3500. i was asking 4 for my ranger, and out of stupidity let the guy talk me down to 35, so now i gots no cash for the stacks. well, i...
  3. red93terror

    Do I sue?

    Hey guys. got a tale of heartbreak here. I recently broke up with a girl i was with for 5 years. now shes on facebook and myspace saying very nasty things about me publicly. like that im a piece of sh** because i lost my job, and that i um...you know...my sister. that one is completely untrue...
  4. red93terror

    questions about 93 f150

    Ive decided to part ways with my ranger. 1 problem after the other it seems. can anybodyanswer a few qs for me? im looking at a 93 f150 and am wondering what kinda mileage the 5.0 5 speed 4x4 gets and how much i can pull with it? my ranger gets horrible mileage, so nything above 10 is good to...
  5. red93terror

    Wont start, just a rapid fire clicking

    My 93 3.0 wont start, when i turn the key it just goes click click click in a very rapid progression. battery has full charge, and i even tried jumping it off with another car, nothing. it ran fine a couple days ago, but the very next time i got this. it couldnt be seized right? it would have...
  6. red93terror

    will it fit??

    I have been offered an 8.8 rear axle out of an explorer sport trac, 4.10, $250 delivered to my door. will it go right in or will i need to modify it to go in my 93 ranger 4x4?
  7. red93terror

    going down in tire size

    i really dont want to regear my truck, so would a 30x9.50 be ok with a 3.73? 32 is just too much for it, so i think i can pull it off without looking stupid under a 3" lift. what do you guys think? will i have to regear with the 30s?
  8. red93terror

    jet engine from a turbocharger...

    I saw quite a few of these on youtube, and i LOVE aviation and the sound of a jet at full honk just gives me chills, so i was wondering if anyone has ever taken this kinda thing on. I dont want to blow myself to hell, and i have no idea where to start. i have the factory toyota ct26 turbo off my...
  9. red93terror

    will a Mustang rear end fit under a 93 ranger 4x4?

    Hey guys i was offered a 95 or 96 mustang rear end from a v6 car today for 100 bucks, so i want to know if it will fit with absoultely no modifications whatsoever.
  10. red93terror

    was playing on the net found this

    yuck. lowered=cool, that=useless. at least keep some functionability. I mean its cool to see that he got it that low, and its definitely an attention getter, but its not practical enough to drive to a car show. trailer queens suck. And not just the lowered ones. I saw a ranger in pigeon forge at...
  11. red93terror

    lets see your exotic/uncommon pets!

    This is my 5.5" Chilean Rose. Pic no 1 shes in threat posture. The camera flash pissed her off. Shes semi docile, Ive handled her a few times, and been bitten twice. Hurts, but not as bad as you would think...
  12. red93terror

    No Heat in s10 blazer

    Thanks to all who answered my rod bearing questions, so I figured I would throw out another problem ive been having. Not really a problem, just an annoyance. i bought an 83 s10 blazer a couple years ago, and the guy before me, whom ive known for a long time, took the 2.8 out and jammed in a 4.3...
  13. red93terror

    Power Programmer?

    Anybody know if theres a power programmer available for the 93 3.0s? I guess it would be like 9?-95. I would love to release a little more torque
  14. red93terror

    Can someone please give me an opinion on this??

    Ok I have a 91 Mr2 turbo, and I belong to mr2oc.com, But nobody there can really help me with this. When i start it, it knocks for a few seconds until the oil light goes out, but when it has ran for maybe an hour or so, and then sat for about 15 minutes, it wont build pressure for lke 30 secods...
  15. red93terror

    Check this gt out

    I was prowling my local craigslist and found this. the seller must not know what he has http://knoxville.craigslist.org/cto/1276253735.html
  16. red93terror

    A/c compressor clicking?

    Hey guys, i havent yet gotten my rear end fixed, but since the truck went down in feb, i hadnt ever checked my a/c. i became aware of it using the defroster this winter. so after mowing my lawn i fired it up, put it in 4 low(that and 4 high are the only way it will move. any1 who has read my...
  17. red93terror

    Axle woes

    Hey guys, anyone got a rear axle with a 4.10 they would sell cheap? I have a 93 with 32s and had 3.73s until my spider gears broke. Way too much stress on that diff. I dont know if I want 4.10s or 4.56s, byt I want to buy a 4.10 factory rear end so if I like it I only have to regear my front diff.
  18. red93terror

    another problem

    Alright. you guy have heard me gripe about my pos a lot, but now its something else. today I noticed a clang when accelerating, decelerating and shifting. I pushed upwards on both driveshafts ant the u joints seem tight. Its worrying me cuz I had to use 4wd a couple days ago and it hasnt been...
  19. red93terror

    Where to buy gears

    Ok guys first I want to extend my utmost gratitude to all that helped me figure out that I needed to regear. The problem was that I have a 3.0 running 32s with 3.73 gears. It wont even reverse out of my driveway b/c its 2 steep. any way, I found a site that sells the 7.5 rear gears, but they...
  20. red93terror

    new guy needs alil help

    Hey guys I bought a 93 ranger super cab 3.0 4x4 5spd with 32x11.50 15s on it last week. I need help. I test drove the thing on flat ground. It was a 6 mile test. It ran fine, no odd noises, no smoke. Well I live on the side of a big hill. So Im bringing it home, and I notice that its ALOT slower...

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