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  1. Funnyman141

    funny ad on craigslist

    Lurking on craigslist and I happened across this ad http://iowacity.craigslist.org/cto/3539702021.html 1987 SUBARU Gl 4x4 with true 4wheel drive and lo range too 141,000m 

Fabricated from rare minerals excavated from the core of Mount Olympus, artfully designed by Zeus and skillfully...
  2. Funnyman141

    shop safety

    holy crap! glad your ok.
  3. Funnyman141

    1994 ranger build "Lizzy" (Slow build thread)

    I figured I should start a build thread for Liz, Its a 1994 4x4 ext. cab Ranger, 3.73 gears, D35 T.T.B. front, 1354M Transfer case (was a 1354E case) , M5OD trans, 8.8 L/S rear, 4.0 O.H.V., Warn manual hubs, running 30/9.50R15's on the rear with 235/75R15's up front (not for long, i hope) So...
  4. Funnyman141

    looking at an explorer, what you think its worth?

    I'm going to be looking at an explorer here in the next couple days, its a 1993 4 door 4x4 explorer, it leaks gas and "a mysterious brown fluid from the front" I think its trans fluid from the description, the 1354E t-case doesn't work and it has a flat tire, when I go look at it I'll take...
  5. Funnyman141

    4.0 bellhousing to block bolts

    I need to get the spare 4.0 on the engine stand but the bellhousing bolts have seemed to have disappeared :icon_twisted: I'm just wondering what thread and pitch the bolts are. Thank you.
  6. Funnyman141

    found a turbo volvo motor

    found an old volvo sitting way back in the weeds, and trees at a junkyard i went to, I popped the hood to find a complete b230f turbo :yahoo: Its not the D.O.H.C. head just wondering if its better then the stock lima head or not. :EDIT: there is also a normal B23F motor out there too.
  7. Funnyman141

    radiator bolt size?

    I just replaced the radiator in my 1995 4.0 4x4 ranger with a H.D. cooling radiator, and we have managed to lose one of the two bolts that holds it on the radiator support, right now we have bailing wire holding the other side up but the cooling fan is hitting the shroud stopping the fan. I was...
  8. Funnyman141

    Death in the family

    I just learned that my grandmother passed away this morning at 8:10, she had a heart attack, and passed away at home. this just really hits hard...
  9. Funnyman141

    Well...this sucks

    1995 ranger 4.0 4x4 I just did a compression check trying to find the constant miss it has well... here it is cyl.1-125 cyl.2-125 cyl.3-115 cyl.4-115 cyl.5-0 cyl.6-113 :icon_surprised: the plug also is covered with oil, gee I'm guessing the piston. :annoyed: would there be any other reasons...
  10. Funnyman141

    90-94 D35 to 95-97 D35

    I was wondering if I should swap out my 90-94 D35 for an actual 95 up D35 with the twin piston brakes, since my truck is a 95. :icon_confused: that ands its not so fun walking to a parts store to return the twin piston brake stuff for the split pin brake stuff.
  11. Funnyman141

    My 1995 ranger "Lizzy"

    I figured I would finally post up my new ranger 1995 Ford Ranger Supercab 4.0 OHV M5OD 1354E (not working right now :annoyed:) D35, 8.8 When I was working on her front axle After I got her done and back outside P.O. custom smashed bumper rust, tree damage, and a bent bumper all P.O.s'...
  12. Funnyman141

    Strange vacuum issue

    Well after playing with the 87 we have found a strange issue, we hooked the vacuum gauge up to one of the empty vacuum ports on the intake, at idle it was sitting around 20 hg but as we revved it up the vacuum raised to about 25-28 hg. Isn't it supposed to drop the higher you rev...
  13. Funnyman141

    check VSS over the internet?

    I'm wondering if there is anyway to use the VSS to check how fast the vehicle is going through the internet? kinda like like the Vehicle Commander thread in the communications forum but with a longer distance? I know I would have to modify a wireless router, splice it in, and more but do you...
  14. Funnyman141

    Running lights not working

    After getting my truck back together I noticed that I don't have running lights the only thing that I changed out that has to do with electrical was the headlight switch (twist to dim style) and that was to see if it would fix my dash light problems (it didn't) so any suggestions? Oh I also...
  15. Funnyman141

    I wrecked my dads S-10

    Driving home last night and I hit a patch of ice on a curve on the highway the speed limit is 65mph and i was doing 45. I'm ok and I didn't have anybody else in the truck. When I started sliding I thought "oh fun the ditch" when I hit a drainage ditch that flipped the truck on its top. The sad...
  16. Funnyman141

    2.3L combustion chamber volume?

    I have the head off of my 2.3L and I measured the combustion chamber and it was around 55ish cc is that right? and as it seems that the exhaust valve/valve seat on the third cylinder is toast, so I measured the turbo head combustion chamber and it came out as 75ish cc since I have to swap heads...
  17. Funnyman141

    lost all dash lights

    Well I hit a bump in a alley in town and lost all dash lights (I wasn't being stupid with it either) the fuse is good and from what I could tell the ground for it is still connected. I still have parking lights, and headlights. any ideas?
  18. Funnyman141

    2.3l blowing blue smoke

    Well my 2.3 might have finally given up the ghost, yesterday I smelled burning oil so I opened the hood and I found a whole layer of over everything after letting it set for two hours I checked the oil and there was barely any on the dipstick. so I filled it up, and kept an eye on the gauge on...
  19. Funnyman141

    baja s-10 4.3 to 4.0

    My friend is wondering how hard it would be to swap out his barely breathing 4.3 from his 1991 baja s-10 for a 4.0 out of a 93 explorer. So far I was wondering if the frame widths are the same, and if there is a u-joint that fits the front drive shaft but connects to the Borg Warner 1354E t-case...
  20. Funnyman141

    Use only half of the original gauge cluster?

    I was wondering If I could modify the left side of the gauge cluster while keeping my speedometer and possibly the idiot lights untouched? Yes this is in a 1st gen. The reason why is the only gauge that actually works on the left side (kinda) is the gas gauge the rest I've replaced with...

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