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  1. Josh B

    Suicidal thoughts...

    You should find something to do. You could sit there and hurt or get up and do something, there is a choice. Even the cardio I believe would thank you. Moving a bit is better than not moving at all. I have no idea the other options available to you but surely there's something. Maybe brighten...
  2. Josh B

    5 speed swap

    Man that's a tough one, and it has been a while since I was in that situation. I know it isn't easy, and oily hands doesn't make it any easier, but I cannot remember any points to share. I know one hand has to hold the pressure on it while the other has to all but force it to connect. I only...
  3. Josh B

    2.3L ('83-'97) Loud popping while cranking

    You said it's doing same as the 1st engine, what was wrong with that one
  4. Josh B

    Shock absorber recommendation

    It's got me looking at shocks too and there's not a cut and dried answer. I first figured the wood may be for the grill anyway but that desert can get cold at night
  5. Josh B

    Shock absorber recommendation

    How much wood do yall burn out there in California
  6. Josh B

    For Sale 5-spd trans all the parts for Auto to manual conversion 95-97

    If that's a good transmission it is certainly worth it, and they are Not getting any easier to find
  7. Josh B

    Non Ranger issue

    I actually expect too much caliper grease to be the least of your concern, but rather the opposite
  8. Josh B

    If you have a 2008 Ranger with a 4.0.... SEND HELP

    Try writing your state rep. It might not help your problem but it maybe cure your wish to vote
  9. Josh B

    Chinese made IAC valve any good?

    Everything from China is good, but on most of it the jury is still out trying to decide good for what ;)
  10. Josh B

    Hi Everyone :) i would like your opionons

    I'm still trying to sort the first question It's my opinion you'll save time and money keeping the one you know Some people get bored and think they can buy their way out but it doesn't work that way from my observance of that trait
  11. Josh B

    MY build thread...'88 Bronco II Desert Rat Patrol Edition!

    I just use those factory Ford jacks, I must have at least a half dozen or more. When I was messing around at Picker's a couple years ago they were selling them for $2.50 I think it was, and most never even been out of the cradle. I have several of the crank handles too. They're easy to use, and...
  12. Josh B

    Which is better: coil springs or torsion bars?

    There's No School on Saturday! :D But thanks, I Will use these :)
  13. Josh B

    Rear Cylinder swap questions

    Yeah, this!
  14. Josh B

    MY build thread...'88 Bronco II Desert Rat Patrol Edition!

    I just realized I Always have the jack, And jack stands, on the rounded axle shaft, with the cradle turned to "Wrap" around it, so no slipping can occur
  15. Josh B

    Engine ground to frame to battery

    Does a ground really need to be so big? I was thinking like an old booster cable or even less, but I am not an electrician :D
  16. Josh B

    Front reciever hitch

    Nice truck there man :)
  17. Josh B

    Sirius radio?

    Been a long time since I had radio, then it was WSM 650AM Nashville. Specially liked the drive to work when we were doing 10 hour days and starting at 6AM, because 5:45 AM every week day they'd be playing 15 minutes of non-stop Bluegrass music, and I'd have it blaring when I came flying into the...
  18. Josh B


    I did hot-shot deliveries for a while around Nashville, got one late afternoon package going to Memphis. Some where maybe 50 miles out I topped a big hill, if it wasn't a mountain, and as I did a trucker with a giant excavator pulled out behind me, and here we both go down the mountain, me in a...
  19. Josh B

    Price Gouging?

    Last I looked there wasn't a single "deodorant" on the shelves, it was all Anti-perspirants. Last actual deodorant I found was Brute deodorant with no reference to anti-perspirant (which blocks the pores)
  20. Josh B

    Which is better: coil springs or torsion bars?

    So now we have anti sway university. Intentional or not, great job guys, thanks! :)

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